Enhance – Design for Social Impact, a project by DesignWanted

From April 15th to 21st, during Milan Design Week, the Enhance – Design for Social Impact exhibition by DesignWanted will come to life. The initiative will take place within the Isola Design District circuit, at the LAMPO location (Via Valtellina 5, Milan).

Amid significant global transformations, the question of how designers can address wide-ranging and significant societal and environmental challenges becomes paramount. At an event defined by its commitment to beauty and trends, DesignWanted has opted to focus on pressing issues that, in various ways, affect us all. For this reason, we chose to organize the ‘Enhance’ exhibition.

Why Enhance? Why a project dedicated to social impact?

The decision to create an exhibition focused on social impact projects was driven by an awareness of the powerful intersection between design and society. In a constantly evolving world, design is not merely an aesthetic concern, but a driving force capable of shaping experiences, influencing behaviors, and addressing social challenges.

Looop by Cheuk Laam Wong _ Enhance – Design for Social Impact exhibition _ Milan Design Week 2024
Looop by Cheuk Laam Wong; ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’s participant

To achieve this, DesignWanted aims to showcase instances of impactful design that benefit communities and individuals at the world’s premier design event: Milan Design Week. The goal is to highlight that design transcends mere aesthetic appeal, focusing instead on significantly improving people’s lives.

The initiative

This year, continuing its collaboration with Isola, DesignWanted will present the exhibition “Enhance – Design for Social Impact” curated by Juan Torres and located at Lampo – Scalo Farini venue. The showcase will highlight design endeavors that contribute positively to society, featuring innovations like devices that harness solar energy to generate light/electricity, systems that recycle waste within a circular economy, among others.

This curated selection will align with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deemed especially pertinent to the industrial design sector by WDO members. It reflects DesignWanted’s dedication to current challenges and its conviction in design’s capacity to effect meaningful societal change.

D-Heart _ Enhance – Design for Social Impact exhibition _ Milan Design Week 2024
D-Heart, a Strena Medical’s company; ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’s participant

Participants and projects

For this endeavor, and as the initial phase, set to occur during Milan Design Week 2024, we’ve chosen 10 projects that will be exhibited at ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’ space:

  1. Fucina Frammenti presents Parigi 142, a table lamp that recovers waste and reintroduces it into the production chain.
  2. Nick Geipel & Charlotte Von Ravenstein, present Powerplant, a modular system designed to generate electricity for charging devices and providing lighting in urban settings.
  3. Cheuk Laam Wong will showcase “Looop” a menstrual kit designed for water-scarce regions, particularly in refugee camps.
  4. Rehub transforms waste from Murano into a paste that can be used to produce a wide range of objects.
  5. AmbessaPlay & Pentagram will showcase the “Flaslight Kit”, an object designed for refugee children.
  6. Birdie, a Danish brand, will introduce its indoor air quality sensor (read our interview here)
  7. David Wojcik will present Bloop, a medical device that allows for the instant reuse of blood from a patient.
  8. Jonas Krämer and Ayla Warncke will demonstrate Pedestrian, their project offering a solution for people with motor disabilities.
  9. Simone Perini will showcase ‘D-Pulp’, upper limb prostheses designed to reduce time and costs while using sustainable materials.
  10. Strena Medical will present D-Heart, the first smartphone-based electrocardiograph, which is simple to use, clinically reliable, portable, and affordable.
Flaslight Kit by Pentagram and AmbessaPlay; ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’s participant

The Installation

The set design, a project by Juan Torres, features a straightforward structure that mirrors the silhouette of DesignWanted’s logo. Constructed from semi-translucent polycarbonate panels that stand 5 meters high, the design extends to the podium for product displays, employing the same material. As a result, the panels are fully recyclable post-exhibition, ensuring an environmentally responsible conclusion.

Partners & Sponsors

Polypiù – The installation materials will be supplied by our technical sponsor, Polypiù, a prominent manufacturer of multiwall and solid polycarbonate panels, established in the market in 2006. Polypiù emerges as a solid, young, and dynamic reality, constantly seeking innovative and technologically advanced solutions. The company stands out as a specialized partner in the production of multiwall and solid polycarbonate sheets and systems, playing a prominent role in industrial, commercial, and civil construction.

Poweplant by Nick Geiper & Charlotte Von Ravenstein; ‘Enhance – Design for Social Impact’s participant

E20PROGETTI – The space project will be installed by E20PROGETTI, a company with many years of experience in the event field. Since 1992, E20progetti has specialized in promotion strategies, the production of materials, and the conceptualization of events, exhibitions, and books for public entities and private companies. An activity it has always carried out with great attention to the Piedmont region as a whole, both in its productive and cultural aspects.


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