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​​A door system that – marks out spaces, opens passageways and creates the intradoses in materials

An element of direct connection between areas – Entre-Deux designed by Alfonso Femia for Albed enhances passages with a frame in metal, wood or natural stone.

Not an element of separation but of direct connection between rooms, Albed introduces ‘Entre-Deux’ – an extraordinary door system crafted by Alfonso Femia that enhances passages with a precious frame in metal, wood or natural stone.

Engineered by applying a versatile modular approach – it seamlessly allows extreme configurability.

Customizable and a decorative architectural furniture element intended for the world of interior design – it brilliantly imagines and builds a doorway as a volume of connection and union, rather than of separation between spaces.

© Albed Milano, Atelier Alfonso Femia

A thin minimalstic frame beautifully defines the identity of this family of swing doors, where the concept of front or back doesn’t exist.

This frame can be in – 6 possible aluminum finishes, wood or natural stone and acquires a signaling and communicative value in the version with integrated lighting.

“The jamb becomes a volume and projects itself into space, on one or both sides, with a profile comprising a slightly tapered section or constant thickness and a depth of 205 mm” says Albed.

The formal minimalism of Entre-Deux, adaptable to walls, further comprises a thickness between 100 and 125 mm.

Its concealed hinges, tested for 100,000 cycles of use – allows for a 180 degree opening for pushing and pulling.

“Ideal for residential or office projects, Entre-Deux can be additionally easily integrated into a wide range of areas.

Its glass version allows the rearward assembly flush with the frame to act directly on the balance of the environments” Albed adds.

© Albed Milano, Atelier Alfonso Femia
© Albed Milano, Atelier Alfonso Femia


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