ePDA: shaping a sustainable and human-centric tomorrow through Intuitive Design

After experiencing a highly rewarding year of product design in 2022, European Product Design Awards (ePDA) launches 2023 edition. Design companies, professional designers, and students are cordially invited to submit their projects, offering them the opportunity to compete for esteemed titles

The inception of the European Product Design Award (ePDA) was driven by the desire to acknowledge the endeavors of skilled international product designers dedicated to enhancing our daily experiences through their practical and well-conceived creations. At its core, the award celebrates the strategic thinking and creativity involved in crafting exceptional products.

Aline Martins, Program Director of the competition, shared her thoughts about the new and exciting edition, “The EPDA has always been seeking out truly visionary product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with practical and well-thought-out creations. We are proud to honor professionals, both established and emerging, who tirelessly strive for life changing results. With hundreds of different and exclusive categories, we are pleased to announce that the ePDA 2023 is one of the most comprehensive design awards that reects upon today’s creative scene for product design.

ePDA: shaping a sustainable and human-centric tomorrow through Intuitive Design _ morph by Karim Hisham
Morph by Karim Hisham / Emerging Product Design of the Year 2022 / Student

The previous year’s awardees have set an exceptional standard, showcasing cutting-edge designs that prioritize humanity, inclusivity, and sustainability. COVVI Ltd. and Karim Hisham were honored with the coveted titles of Design for Humanity and Emerging Product Design of the Year, respectively.

COVVI Ltd.’s impressive creation, the Covvi Hand, stands as a remarkable Nexus bionic prosthesis. It ingeniously combines modular design with advanced technology, delivering an unparalleled user experience while prioritizing aesthetics. Its customizable features cater to the unique needs of each user, fostering a sense of boundless possibilities.

European Product Design Awards _ The COVVI Hand by COVVI Ltd
The Covvi hand prosthesis by COVVI / Design for Humanity 2022

Another groundbreaking innovation, the Morph prosthesis system, earned acclaim for its commitment to inclusivity and affordability. This remarkable system aims to enhance the quality of life for amputees in developing countries, where traditional prosthetic solutions may be financially out of reach. By providing an accessible and cost-effective option, Morph opens doors to improved mobility and a better quality of life for those in need.

Studio Bela Design was rightfully honored with the Product Design of the Year 2022 award for their exceptional contribution to sustainable mass transport on water. Their creation, the ELECTRA hydrofoil, stands as an emission-free ferry that boasts twice the speed and range compared to other ferries. Remarkably, it can comfortably transport up to 150 passengers to their destinations.

ePDA: shaping a sustainable and human-centric tomorrow through Intuitive Design _ ELECTRA - a 150 passenger hydrofoil ferry by Studio Bela Design
ELECTRA – a 150 passenger hydrofoil ferry by Studio Bela Design / Product Design of the Year 2022

Continuing the focus on sustainability, the Innovation of the Year was awarded to Outercraft, an innovative company that collaborated with DAB Motors to deliver the Concept-E electric motorcycle. This groundbreaking motorcycle seeks to embrace a new design language that perfectly complements the quiet and serene experience of electric mobility. The success of this venture was evident, prompting DAB Motors to swiftly launch a street legal version in partnership with BURBERRY.

European Product Design Awards _ Concept-E electric motorcycle by Outercraft
Concept-E electric motorcycle by Outercraft / Innovation of the Year 2022

The main winners of the ePDA receive the prestigious ePDA trophy and, together with the category winners, have the privilege of being featured in the Annual European Product Design Awards Book. This recognition highlights their outstanding contributions and celebrates their role in advancing the field of product design.

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