Ready to celebrate March in May – again?

Iceland´s largest design festival, DesignMarch, takes place from May 4th – 8th 2022.

DesignMarch hence the name, has always been in March but then Covid happened and in 2020 the festival spread its wings in June and this year March happened in May.

There was great satisfaction with the timing of the festival being closer to the summer so the festival board decided that in 2022 it will take place on the first weekend in May – and hopefully then in a more traditional way than in the past two years. DesignMarch brings together participants and guests with progressive design and innovation.

The festival heralds new and surprising approaches and is a vibrant platform for ideas, diverse perspectives and knowledge driving force that enriches and enhances society.

DesignMarch gives inspiration and enjoyment with the aim to share the exhibitions, participants and their content to a broader audience, both in Iceland and abroad, in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as Promote Iceland. DesignMarch is a harbinger of optimism and creativity.

The festival takes the opportunity to focus on design as a driving force for innovation, and demonstrate the important role of design, architecture and innovation in society, especially during this time of uncertainty the world is facing now.