Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

INÉDITO – Design Week Mexico 2022

Design Week Mexico is a platform that promotes and contributes to the local design scene.

Each year, through its programming, it encourages analysis and reflection on local challenges with global relevance from the perspective of design.

The current schedule features Inedito, that year after year, shows the work of a group of Mexican designers who explore, through various techniques and functional prototypes, their fascination with material manifestation and the use of various processes as a creative axis.

This exploration between form and function has been a value that Design Week Mexico has promoted since its founding 14 years ago.

Each piece poetically manifests the creation of objects that are related to nature and contemporary tradition, thus promoting manual manufacturing processes, since we live in an era where singularity evaporates in the face of mass and industrial production.

Inedito is an open call for utilitarian design projects never before published, broadcast or marketed in the categories of innovation, functionality, concept (critical design), user experience, materials and processes, aesthetics (art-object or collectible piece), craft social impact and environmental impact.

The platform includes three categories of participation: limited edition, professional and university.

This program aims to show the opportunities for a national and international market of good design with the feasibility of production and marketing.

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