FaithFull Braun Speaker charges utilizing anything from sunlight to Wi-Fi

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for chargers and outlets – this conceptual FaithFull Braun Speaker prioritizes the ease of recharging

Driven by curiosity, passion and creativity, Italy-based strategy and product designer Edoardo Gouffran presents FaithFull Braun Speaker – a conceptual Braun-inspired portable speaker that charges utilizing anything from sunlight to Wi-Fi. A game-changer, isn’t it? 

Embracing the future of portable gadgets – “this idea was born from the two main problems of existing speakers today – users had their speakers discharged if they didnt use it often or couldn’t find the cables to charge it. The goal was therefore to remove these cables and allow one to charge it anywhere and anytime!” shares Gouffran.

FaithFull Braun Speaker
FaithFull Braun Speaker by Edoardo Gouffran

A refreshing experience with an aim to never worry about recharging again – this innovative device reflects the design language of the company Braun that focuses on crafting minimalistic products with geometric forms and rounded edges embodying simple interfaces and utilitarian functions. 

Seamlessly blending with any environment, its sleek black shell exudes elegance and subtlety, allowing it to harmoniously fit into any setting. 

With superior sound quality and an interface created to prioritize user experience while ensuring effortless control – the touch keys from power to bluetooth and volume controls of this advanced piece of technology provides just the right amount of interaction without overwhelming the user. 

FaithFull Braun Speaker
FaithFull Braun Speaker by Edoardo Gouffran

By introducing a charging system that harnesses kinetic and solar energy, as well as autonomous Wi-Fi recharging, FaithFull offers an unparalleled audio experience without the hassle of running out of battery power.

An ideal companion for music lovers and those who value fuss-free convenience – this eclectic but one-of-a-kind product ingeniously converts one’s everyday movements into energy. Whether you’re walking or cycling, it absorbs kinetic energy and transforms it into a power source. 

Additionally, FaithFull comes with a specially made band that allows the speaker to remain attached to various surfaces, ensuring continuous charging.

FaithFull Braun Speaker
FaithFull Braun Speaker by Edoardo Gouffran

By further harnessing the power of the sun – this object automatically replenishes its energy reserves when exposed to sunlight while one enjoys the outdoors. 

“During outdoor activities – it not only charges itself with movement but is also charged with solar energy!” he adds. 

FaithFull offers the convenience of autonomous charging through its robust Wi-Fi charging technology as well. Even when kept in a bag or backpack – it can recharge anywhere within the house using ambient Wi-Fi signals. 

“During home activities, this speaker recharges autonomously with the Wi-Fi charger system that spreads wireless charging throughout the entire environment!” concludes Gouffran.


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