Floe’s reusable tampon applicator helps to achieve a zero-waste period routine

Manufactured from medical-grade materials, these reusable tampon applicators ensure no single-use plastic is added to the environment every time a tampon is used.

A year’s worth of single-use sanitary products leaves a carbon footprint equivalent of 5.3 kg CO2 but these products are essential, so what’s the solution? Buying a reusable tampon applicator like Floera could help solve part of the problem.

In a bid to eradicate single-use plastics, Floe’s multi-use tampon applicator is designed to be as universal as possible. Like disposable applicators, it comprises an ergonomic barrel, which holds the tampon and a cap, which can be used to push the tampon out and into the vagina after you’ve inserted the applicator. 

The barrel features several slits that create a petal-effect to accommodate a range of different types and sizes of tampons. When a tampon is inserted, the petals spread to secure it in place. Both elements of the two-part applicator are compact in size and easy to handle. An ergonomic grip at the base of the barrel lets users comfortably and securely hold everything in place during use. Meanwhile, the barrel’s slits double as a place to secure the tampon string. 

Of course, hygiene and safety were paramount when embarking on the project so both Floera’s cap and barrel can stand on their own, which means users don’t have to worry about soiling them on unknown surfaces. Both are also made from a thermoplastic elastomer with highly effective antimicrobial additives proven to protect plastics from the negative effects of microbial contamination making products more hygienic to use. The TPE barrel is also 100% recyclable.

Women’s health technology (aka femtech) with gadgets tackling periods, fertility, and pregnancy is on the rise.

Flying the flag for innovation in feminine care

The concept of a reusable tampon applicator has been gaining traction in 2021 as people have become more aware of the negative impact single-use plastics in these products could have on the environment.

Just last month, British environmental activist Ella Daish made headlines for her campaign against single-use plastics in period products by calling on the world’s bestselling manufacturer of tampons to make greener alternatives.

Floera follows in the footsteps of other great products like D, the world’s first reusable tampon applicator, which was released back in 2019, following growing discussions around menstruation and on period poverty in particular. In turn, this has prompted innovation in the feminine care space which until this time had largely been ignored.

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