‘+GLASS ​​transforms space into a play of colors and reflections

3D surfaces brand WOOD-SKIN and Murano glass specialists 6:AM present a new decorative surface: +GLASS.

United by the passion for design and the search for unique solutions, the two realities combine their knowledge by offering an exclusive product, merging the ancient knowledge of the glass masters of Murano and the avant-garde digital manufacturing WOOD—SKIN® process. The WOOD—SKIN systems are the design canvas able to adapt to 6:AM’s products that become the distinctive signs, jewels in an architectural guise to embellish environments. 

“As soon as I stepped into the furnace I was deeply in love with this ancient tradition, for as much as the two processes, digital and traditional, can look different, they are both unique in the way they always generate a one of a kind shape and texture,” says Giulio Masotti, WOOD—SKIN co-founder.

Presented in three color and texture combinations, +GLASS is a series of artifacts made through manual and machine processing. They are hybrid elements, born from a careful selection of products from the 6:AM catalog and parametric surfaces of WOOD—SKIN. Their Tailor Made and Mesh membranes are the implementation basis of Cotisso, Chips and Colato, the processes of 6:AM which, after a careful technical and aesthetic study combined between the two realities, give life to three types of installation capable of transforming space into a play of colors and reflections. 

The project underlines the potential of glass to become a versatile and dynamic material, capable of assuming different functions and shapes through the modular flexibility of the WOOD—SKIN system. It can be purely decorative and aesthetic for installation purposes as well as functional in conferring plays of light and shadows through transparencies in structural wall panels. The two products blend perfectly, in a synergy of balance between full and empty, allowing you to create infinite composition possibilities, customizable in colors and shapes. 

The result is a project with a sophisticated design, capable of making any environment unique. The idea of +GLASS represents the beginning of a collaboration that will be enriched and implemented in the course of 2022 with new projects and synergies.

Everything is 100% tailor-made, starting from the WOOD—SKIN surface, which is designed ad hoc, moving to the colored glass inserts of 6:AM. In material and aesthetic contrast, the two products merge making the contrast itself the winning and strong factor of the composition

A sculptural element, such as the Tailor Made surfaces, finds lightness thanks to the play of thicknesses of the colored and transparent 6:AM slabs which, made and cut to size, are placed in special engineered spaces on the surface. An element with a high decorative yield, able to convey richness thanks to the refined shapes and colors.

In Sicily, studio Ninefifty creates artisanal wall decor tiles, reinventing their millennia-old tradition of producing artistic ceramics.

The Mesh Sheets membranes with their regular geometries change their final appearance thanks to the application of cotisso, precious stones in glass. The irregular shapes of cotisso and Mesh Sheets that recall nature, reflections and transparencies, make this artifact a real jewel capable of giving a totally new aspect and meaning to the space that hosts it.

Similar to the second composition, the third artifact has ‘lightness’ as its password. This composition combines the geometric surfaces of Mesh Sheets with the colored and sinuous glass Chips. Like a cloud, with references to the fluid forms of nature, the final element takes on an organic and changing trend capable of adapting to any environment thanks to the possibility of defining the shapes and materials of the W—S surfaces and the glasswork of 6:AM

WOOD—SKIN offers avant-garde design solutions to elevate environments. Founded in Milan in 2013, it combines digital manufacturing technologies with traditional components through patented practices. Its applications allow rigid surfaces to become more flexible, and flat ones to acquire three-dimensionality, widening the horizon for architectural projects and surfaces. WOOD—SKIN gives dynamic volume and character to a multitude of materials, helping architects and designers bridge the gap between digital representation and architectural feasibility. 

6:AM is a lab for research, experimentation and development of new techniques, materials and concepts. The collection is sparked by curiosity and driven by a passion for design. At 6 am the artisans fire up the furnaces that float over the Venetian Lagoon, it’s an early-morning ritual of dedication to preserving Murano’s living-legacy: glass. 6:AM Glassworks, Murano’s leading agency of glass production, guarantees a formidable connection between the master glassmakers of this legendary island and the designers from around the world.

If you want to know more about the master glassmakers of the Venetian Lagoon, we covered the Venice Glass Week, an international festival about glass mastery in Venice, Murano and Mestre.

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