China Good Design Award: get your products exposed on the Chinese market

The registration phase of the international design competition “China Good Design” is currently under way.

Organised by Red Dot and implemented by the Xiamen Culture Media Group, the China Good Design Award benefits from the more than 60 years of experience of the Red Dot Award, and is thus subject to the same strict evaluation criteria.

Until 29 July 2018, manufacturers and designers from all over the world have the chance to submit their products. If the jury decides to award the distinction, prize winners will benefit from increased attention on the Chinese market.

This will be generated, among other things, by the use of the winners’ logo and by the presentation of the awarded products in exhibitions around the globe.

China Good Design _ Exhibition Essen
China Good Design Award – © Red Dot

International designers and companies invited to take part

Designers and companies from all over the world, with products manufactured using an industrial production process, have time until 29 July 2018 to submit their designs to the competition.

Only excellently designed products will be awarded.

China as big player on the international market

The label “Made in China” no longer stands for the cost-effective processing of materials. In the past years, China has demonstrated impressively that intensive production goes hand in hand with a growing awareness for design.

“Made in China” is more and more associated with innovation and quality. The country has advanced to a big player on the global market. The ongoing economic upswing makes the Chinese market attractive to domestic as well as international companies.

Anywhere that more and more products compete to find favour with consumers, these have to set themselves apart from each other and garner attention. This is where the competition “China Good Design” comes in, because it helps companies to increase their international competitiveness.

China Good Design _ Exhibition Essen
China Good Design Award – © Red Dot

Good Design Award: a strong label that offers guidance

In case they win an award, the prize winners benefit from extensive actions which visibly communicate the success on international level. Central element of the so-called “Winner Package” is the use of the winners’ logo.

“This competition is free from external influences. It is a competition for industry by industry, where the quality of the products is the only criterion for winning an award. It is also a strong label that offers guidance to consumers and companies alike,” emphasises Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, the significance of the Chinese prize.

China Good Design _ Exhibition Essen
China Good Design Award – © Red Dot

In addition, the awarded products will be published in the China Good Design Yearbook as well as in the Online Exhibition. Moreover, they will be presented in national and international exhibitions.

Most recently, the winners of the last three years were shown in the special exhibition “China Good Design: New Asian Moods and Award-Winning Products” for four weeks in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen.

The roughly 90 exhibits represented a wide variety of different areas of life, giving an exciting and interesting insight into the state-of-the-art of Chinese product culture. The combination of Far Eastern and Western culture and the different design influences, paired with the latest technology, made this exhibition a truly delightful experience for the visitors.

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