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This piece of art brings you closer to nature

Meet Greenery – a 3D printed wall sculpture skillfully made by Herschel Shapiro from bioplastic.

Inspired by dynamic patterns of symmetry found in the structures of nature, Philippines-based Herschel Shapiro crafts ‘Greenery’ – a contemporary 3D printed wall sculpture fabricated from eco-friendly plastic. 

“Undeniably my favorite art media, 3D printing combines both – the expressiveness and precision required to meld natural curves with sharp mathematical lines” says Shapiro.

A captivating addition to your home décor with a biophilic design – it beautifully explores rhythm and light. 

Greenery by Herschel Shapiro
© Herschel Shapiro

With striking movement and depth, the experience of this modular object changes with every angle it’s observed from. 

Created from bioplastic obtained from renewable and eco-friendly raw materials – its novel printing process seamlessly fuses geometric tessellations with organic forms and textures. 

Using digital fabrication, this colorful product with a vibrant green hue is crafted out of 170 individual pieces.

3D printing all of them takes a good 198 hours of printer time – where every intricate detail is monitored to ensure factors including temperature and humidity doesn’t affect the quality of its print. 

With great care and attention, these pieces are then hand sanded and painted in a three-step process over the course of two days. 

Its assembly is artistically done by hand screwing the pieces into a hexagonal grid, ensuring the correct position and orientation for each, utilizing a total of 918 stainless-steel screws. 

Additionally, this one-of-a-kind sculpture is then brilliantly heat treated to ensure it stays – rigid and lays flat.

“Finally, if everything has gone well, I further affix a stainless-steel plaque to the back where I place my signature” Shapiro adds.

© Herschel Shapiro
Greenery by Herschel Shapiro
© Herschel Shapiro


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