‘The Fan Chair’ brings the adrenaline and the vibrant colors of the 80’s stadiums

An alarmingly 80% of plastic waste around the world is either not recyclable or recycled, accumulating in landfills or sloughing off in the natural environment as trash.

Considering the urgent environmental issues society has to face, is time for designers to come up with sustainable solutions that aim for a circular economy. Wouldn’t it be ideal if we could contribute to an economic model with closed loops, where we can give a new life to products and materials, especially the ones that are not usually recyclable?

Pursuing this environmentally-friendly goal, ‘The Fan Chair’ collection on one hand gives a new life to discarded plastic seats from ‘KR Reykjavík’ football stadium, and on the other hand, it brings into indoor settings the adrenaline and the vibrant colors of the stadiums in the 80’s.

​‘The Fan Chair’ and ‘The Fan Bar Stool’ adopt a playful character utilizing vintage plastic seats and brightly colored steel legs. They enjoy a simple yet strong visual presence that makes them ideal for informal, vintage-pop and bizarre environments.

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