Dezest’s sun-kissed-North-facing-residence-architecture

“We tried to use all the energies to the maximum, making the house live” says Dezest

Each planning is a scenario that is a layout on the basis of the initial analysis and information about the site. The main entrance to the site is located on the north side as per basic architectural fundamentals.

On the first floor, all rooms – a technical room, a dressing room, and a guest bathroom are oriented to the north, omitting the need for a large amount of sunlight. The main room, where the kitchen, dining and living areas are located, has a favorable orientation to 3 directions – east, southeast, and southwest.”

“From the zenith sun and overheating the house is protected by a terrace with pergola and a tree, which we decided to leave on the site and cut a “window” for it in the ceiling, which, together with the water surface of the pool, creates a microclimate on the south side.”

“We tried to use all the energies to the maximum: “make” the house live by the sun, surround it with water energy, add staticity to the image by using the texture of concrete and stone, enter it into the environment using wood in the decoration, fill it with air energy due to panoramic glazing and double-light spaces, tame the energy of fire by placing a fireplace in the very heart of the living room and the fire of which can be observed from anywhere in the first floor.”

“To create the effect of “lightness”, we also deliberately performed the overhang of the roof “stepwise”, further highlighting it and tearing off the casing of the columns from the supporting element.”

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