HUSH+1 podcast – Episode 1: Ani Liu

Born out of HUSH’s weekly internal speaker series, Creative Jam, the HUSH+1 podcast is a bi-weekly platform for creativity, both in and outside of the design industry.

In the HUSH+1 podcast, HUSH systems designer Adam Kruckenberg hosts leaders from all creative walks of life – design, art, technology, architecture, fashion, engineering, fabrication, psychology, music, urban planning, and more, to discuss what they do, why they do it, and what motivates them. 

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HUSH+1 podcast is a bi-weekly platform for creativity, both in and outside of the design industry

Ani Liu is an internationally exhibiting research-based artist working at the intersection of art & science. Her work examines the reciprocal relationships between science, technology, and their influence on human subjectivity, culture, and identity.

Ani continually seeks to discover the unexpected, through playful experimentation, intuition, and speculative storytelling.  She is passionate about integrating multidisciplinary approaches to art-making and is currently teaching at Princeton University.

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HUSH+1 podcast - Ani Liu
Ani Liu – Courtesy of Ani Liu

In this episode, Ani explains where her work sits at the intersection of art, science, and technology. She discusses the big questions her work attempts to address, such as things we consider the foundation of truth.

Ani walks us through her career journey – how she got her start, the story of her first piece that integrates science, work she’s done with the human microbiome, as well as her most recent research.

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