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Timeless fusion: Antolini’s technology meets Terzini’s art in ‘I WANT IT WOW’

Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom took center stage during the Milan Design Week 2023, creating an unexpected conversation between the rebellious energy of street art and the timeless beauty of natural stones

Antolini‘s cutting-edge technology allowed a harmonious blend of the past, present, and future in the mesmerizing installation called “I WANT IT WOW“, realized by Pietro Terzini. The artist’s claims, brought to life through LED lights, inlays, and artworks, left visitors amazed and ignited their senses and imagination.

This cross-disciplinary project revolved around the natural stone, which became the absolute protagonist, serving as the canvas for the phrases conceptualized by the young artist, inspired by his unique perspective on life and Antolini’s expertise.

I want it wow installation by Pietro Terzini for Antolini - Milan Design Week 2023
‘I WANT IT WOW’ installation by Pietro Terzini – © Antolini

Utilizing a high-pressure water jet, the letters comprising Terzini’s artworks are meticulously carved into the surfaces of some of the most breathtaking stones from the Antolini Exclusive Collection, including Brèche Fantastique, Dalmata, and Calcite Azul.

In contrast, Bianco Lasa|Covelano Vena Oro, Amazonite, and Noirblanc are the stones expertly shaped to form Terzini’s lettering, elegantly filling the spaces and transforming into ink-like elements.

The three claims, namely “Good things take more or less 190 million years,” “Made by earth designed with heart,” and “Nothing is written in stone,” have given rise to three inlays titled “MOMENT,” “NO MISTAKES,” and “CHANGE” on the inner surfaces of the double-sided sets overlooking Via San Clemente.

I want it wow installation by Pietro Terzini for Antolini - Milan Design Week 2023
‘I WANT IT WOW’ installation by Pietro Terzini – © Antolini

Harnessing the ancient art of inlay, Antolini‘s creative DNA, and relentless pursuit of research, innovation, and technological advancements, they skillfully shape natural stones into flawlessly smooth canvases, becoming the exclusive medium for Pietro Terzini’s captivating phrases.

This innovative fusion of the classic and contemporary created an original poetic experience.

The juxtaposition of diverse stones in the inlay process, each with its unique geological formation, colors, and mineral composition, gave rise to striking chromatic and textural contrasts. The resulting visual impact, evoking a profound sense of awe, naturally became the inspiration behind the installation’s resounding WOW title.

‘I WANT IT WOW’ installation by Pietro Terzini – © Antolini

The exhibition project I WANT IT WOW stimulates new proposals for combining art, design, and innovation, with the beauty of Mother Nature’s masterpieces at its core. The harmonious fusion of these three realms showcases the infinite processing possibilities that can be applied to stone through the support of technology.” says Alberto Antolini, CEO at Antolini Italy.

In this case, to translate artist Pietro Terzini’s creative concept onto the stone, the application of inlay technology was crucial, followed by a craftsmanship phase tied to Antolini’s know-how, which involves assembling the hollow and solid stone pieces by hand. The process concludes with the stone polishing to enhance perspective effects and highlight the inlays.” adds Alberto Antolini.

I want it wow installation by Pietro Terzini for Antolini - Milan Design Week 2023
‘AFFAIR’, Lumix Crystal bathtub, by Pietro Terzini. – © Antolini

“AFFAIR” was instead the title of the luminous and pop invitation that says “Do you want to take a bath with me?” dropped onto the Lumix Crystal bathtub, inviting you to let go of inhibitions and indulge in experiences of pure pleasure.

As the focal point of Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom, the Perception Wall, with Terzini‘s touch, becoame the medium entrusted with the deepest message, which is revealed only at the end of the journey: “Nothing is as it seems,” an invitation to embrace life while constantly exploring one’s own self.

Pietro Terzini, the Artist - © Antolini
Pietro Terzini, the Artist – © Antolini

I am proud of this collaboration with Antolini. The artworks created for this installation blend the excellence of Italian craftsmanship with my sense of irony, resulting in unique and original pieces.” says Pietro Terzini, the artist.

Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom - © Antolini
Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom – © Antolini

This collaboration further solidifies the identity and mission of Antolini MilanoDuomo Stoneroom, which, two years after its opening, remains a central location in Milan. It serves as a lab and hub that attracts architects, designers, and inquisitive individuals from all corners of the world, dedicated entirely to the captivating world of Natural Stone in its various forms and applications.


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