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Innovandi Open Challenge calls up start-ups in drive towards net zero concrete

Start-ups worldwide have a significant opportunity to take the forefront in supporting a vital global industry’s endeavors to reduce CO2 emissions and address the climate crisis

Innovative companies are being encouraged to take part in the Innovandi Open Challenge, a global partnership program coordinated by the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA) and its member companies worldwide.

The Association and its members, accounting for 80% of global cement production capacity outside of China, including significant Chinese manufacturers, have made commitments to reduce and eventually eliminate CO2 emissions in concrete, which currently contribute approximately 7% to global emissions.

These commitments are outlined in the GCCA’s Concrete Future 2050 Net Zero Roadmap, representing the first comprehensive plan developed by a heavy industry sector.

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This launch follows the success of last year’s inaugural Innovandi Open Challenge, where cement companies partnered with six start-ups, with a strong emphasis on projects related to carbon capture and utilization. Three of those projects have already progressed to the pilot stage.

We’re calling on the best and the brightest from around the world to join us in the urgent fight to limit global warming and help towards delivering the great prize of net zero concrete. If you are a start up from Austria to Australia, from Brazil to Bangladesh, with an innovative idea or technology, then we want to hear from you.” says Thomas Guillot, Chief Executive of the GCCA.

Applicants are invited to contribute to the advancement of low-carbon concrete through the development of new materials and ingredients, marking a significant stride towards achieving net-zero concrete.

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© GCCA / Innovandi Open Challenge

Embracing innovation can pave the way for the widespread adoption of low-carbon concrete by reducing the reliance on clinker, the carbon-intensive component of cement, or by leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing processes.

Exploring alternative materials such as construction and demolition waste can result in substantially lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional concrete production methods and minimize the need for virgin raw materials.

This global challenge pairs start-up companies with leading cement and concrete manufacturers, operating in nearly every country worldwide, to collaborate on emission reduction initiatives and spearhead environmental transformations within the industry.

The selected companies for this year’s Innovandi Open Challenge will enjoy exclusive opportunities to access industry plants, laboratories, essential networks, and the expertise and infrastructure provided by the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s (GCCA) 40 member companies worldwide.

© GCCA / Innovandi Open Challenge

Additionally, they will receive valuable guidance from the GCCA and its members to support their technology development and business case formulation.

Start-ups can find more information and apply to take part in the Innovandi Open Challenge by going to the GCCA Open Challenge webpage.


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