The architect conceived a building design up to the sky

A Modern Multi-Dimensional Building Design in Seoul

Gangnam, which many of us well know for a famous pop song, is a Seoul district that is about to draw our attention for design details, too. The architect Sae Min Oh and his South-Korea based company Bang by Min conceived a building design up to the sky.

Awarded with the Seoul Architecture Prize, the Interrobang building features a flight of stairs wrapping around the exteriors, plus projections/recesses creating attractive spots to stop and stare at the landscape of the metropolis.

The building was created in the urban area that, according to the architect, “used to remain as an inactive residential spot”, and it stands out of the crowd.

Made of six storeys, hosting a mixture of offices, shops, cafes, it has been projected so as to maximize the share of the rental area and cope with eventual future changes in its internal disposition.

If someone would describe this building design in one word, it would be “multi-dimensional” – the multiple accessibility is possible through the harmony of streets and stairs, letting the different levels communicate between each other, despite the various usage to which they are destined.

Interrobang is the building of the future, projected with a modern style, but, above that, with a deep forward-looking adaptability to the evolving needs of the city.

Via Design42Day

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