Isola Design District – From Milan to Eindhoven, the road to Dutch Design Week

The youngest design district of Milan will be the first to attend an event abroad, the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, from October 19th to 27th 2019

Isola Design District is ready to land to the Netherlands after the amazing outcome of the first three editions at Milan Design Week.

In the last few years, Isola Design District has become a true community of international designers and continues to grow by creating a bridge between Italy and the Netherlands, through the sharing of ideas and experiences during Dutch Design Week.

An important opportunity to give visibility to the projects involved, but also to promote the Isola neighbourhood, the City of Milan – the event is supported by the Municipality of Milan – and the Milan Design Week.

In Eindhoven will be held the exhibition curated by Blank, the creative agency that has created and organizes the event, named “Unlimited Design – Dutch Edition”. Guests and visitors will be taken through a path that ranges from innovation to sustainability, from craftsmanship to innovative materials, along the lines of what happened at the latest Fuorisalone in Milan.

The aim is to explore design in all its forms, going beyond the concept of product and functionality and opening the doors to experimentation, merging different disciplines and knowledge.

Isola Design District - HELLHOLE by kiiv - Klaartje Busselot.jpg
HELLHOLE by kiiv – Klaartje Busselot / Isola Design District

We are really proud to have been selected within the official program of such an important international event as Dutch Design Week” – says Gabriele Cavallaro, Blank’s co-founder and project manager of Isola Design District.

The visit we made last October during the 2018 edition of the event was crucial to fostering a high-value network of contacts in the Netherlands and understanding that it would be the best context for Isola Design District outside the Italian borders, because it’s very close to the vision of our project” he continues.

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2,600 designers to more than 355,000 visitors from home and abroad. The event offers a rich calendar of events including exhibitions, conferences, award ceremonies, debates and much more.

Isola Design District - Ahi! Chairs by Federica Corona and Juan Torres
Isola Design District

Design will be the protagonist during the 9 days of the event, with particular emphasis on innovation and the rise of young talents. “If not now, then when?”, is the theme of the 2019 edition: Dutch Design Week focuses on the design of the future and the future of design.

Isola Design District’s exhibition will be hosted by Pennings Foundation gallery, a wonderful 700m2 open space located near other DDW hot spots, such as the Van Abbemuseum, Kazerne, and the Eindhoven Design Academy Graduation Show at Campina Fabriek.

There will be 35 the designers exhibiting their products and projects within the gallery, reaching a new and extremely qualified audience, giving them a plethora of opportunities to be known and discovered in the Netherlands as well.

Isola Design District - Ufo by Marco Williams Fagioli and Hamraz Darugar
Ufo by Marco Williams Fagioli and Hamraz Darugar / Isola Design District

Among these designers, some were already present at the latest edition of Fuorisalone, as Marco Williams Fagioli winner of two editions of the Compasso d’Oro ADI award, Caracol Studio, with their 3D printed bar entirely made using recycled coffee capsules supplied by Lavazza – sponsor of the event –, Izgi Erik, a young Turkish designer with her research on materials waste, but also Federica Cristaudo, Nataly Rodriguez Design Studio together with Sumaya Shelbi, Ciro Bergonzi and Nikolas Miranda.

There will also be Myriam Kuehne Rauner, designer and gallery owner who will present her new collection of furnishing objects, and Pietro Algranti, craftsman of recycled materials with which he makes unique design pieces, both protagonists of design in the Isola neighbourhood all year long.

There will be lots of new entries coming from all over the world like the award-winning British designer Atticus Durnell, who got a new material from coffee scraps – also provided by Lavazza – , Pietro Petrillo with Keep Life, that uses the shells of dried fruit to make an eco-sustainable, innovative and bio-inspired material used to creates different furnishing accessories, F Square Studio from Seoul, with a furniture collection that has the goal of maximizing functionality by minimizing shapes, the Australian Jake Williamson, who, thanks to his research on paper production and recycling methods, managed to reinvent its possibilities of use.

Isola Design District - F1 by Joao Xara
F1 by Joao Xara / Isola Design District

And again Collin Townsend Velkoff, a multidisciplinary designer whose work is strongly influenced by experimentation on materials and inspired by science fiction, archeology and architecture, Giorgio Funaro, with the exciting light installation Gravity, where he uses gravity as a metaphor of the feeling of solitude for the contemporary man, Yael Akirav, Israeli, with her fabric origami that turns into lamps.

An area of the exhibition will be dedicated to Milan Design Market, where products on display are available for purchase, such as the recycled glass vases by Anna Jožová or those enriched by the knitted fabrics of Gilles Werbrouck, the blown glasses by João Xará, who uses a red metal clamp to convey a sense of pressure, the lamps by Oikoi Design, an Italian studio that uses a parametric algorithm in the design phase to create geometric textures that improve light and make the rooms more evocative.

Isola Design District - Lamp_One Collection by Formaminima
Lamp_One Collection by Formaminima / Isola Design District

The exhibition continues with the works of Kiiv by Klaartje Busselot, Mansuo Zhu, Fabien Roy, Federica Corona & Juan Torres, Ege Miray Kaman, Humi Diseño, Lunedot, Atelier Badem, Formaminima, Risch & Grass, Scrollino, Studio Laf, Loyalloot, together with Kim Andre Lange and Solidcollective’s installations, besides a special content on Terramia by Stephanie Chaltiel e MuDD Architects, whose project has been already displayed in the main square of Palazzo Lombardia building in Milan during the latest edition of Milan Design Week, introducing a new version too that will be presented in 2020 in Milan.

Visitors will also live an augmented reality experience to interact with the products displayed, overcoming the boundary of physical space. By downloading the application Aria The AR Platform, they will be able to access dozens of exclusive content simply by using their smartphone.

The event is organized in partnership with 24 PR & Events e Art Experience by KRL and is sponsored by 3M and Lavazza.

After the excellent first experience together with Isola Design District, 3M will again be the protagonist of the district also at DDW with their 3M Architectural Markets products, aiming to improve internal and external surfaces. Architects and designers will thus be able to discover 3M Window Films, dedicated to glass, and 3M Architectural Finishes, to stimulate their creativity and improve their projects.

Isola Design District - Eternity by Anna Jozova
Eternity by Anna Jozova / Isola Design District

Collaborating for the first with Isola Design District, Lavazza is always committed to promoting art and culture, choosing Dutch Design Week as the perfect opportunity to highlight its passion for these themes, especially if linked to sustainability, demonstrated with the support for Caracol Studio and Atticus Durnell projects.

Do not miss the opening event of the exhibition, on October 19th from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm, where you will be able to meet some of the designers and learn more about their projects, with a typical Italian aperitivo offered to guests and the DJ set by Guido Marino.


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