Isola Design Festival’s this year theme is ‘Together As One’

The sixth edition of Isola Design Festival welcomes you during Milan Design Week, from 7 to 12 June 2022.

As the days flow, Isola Design Festival is thrilled to kickstart the event with a run of inspiring exhibitions, amazing talks and events and the convivial atmosphere of collaboration!

This year’s theme, Together As One, will bring together more designers, creatives and works from design and creative industries world more than ever before, connecting cre- atives all over the world during the 6-days event.

Evgeniya Plotnikova - Isola Design Gallery _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Evgeniya Plotnikova

With Isola, we have always been committed to connecting emerging designers and industry professionals. The physical and digital platforms enhance and support the ra- pid growth of a network that connects people from different fields and disciplines, allowing those who are part of it to know each other, learn and find inspiration.

Gabriele Cavallaro, Co-founder and CEO of Isola Design Group.

Robot Shit-DesignWanted, _sucks e Caracol _ Isola Design Festival _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Robot Shit by Design _SUCKS – DesignWanted, _SUCKS & Caracol AM

Empowered by the idea of Together As One, Isola Design District collaborates with more than 250 international designers and design studios, local galleries and workshops, in over 40 locations along the streets of one of the most lively neighborhoods in town to join forces to inspire and create impact.

Starting from a design neighborhood to the world.

Many of the exhibitions and installations are curated by Isola, giving the stage to the most exciting projects of the brightest talents from the Isola Design Community.

Sarah Roseman - The New Paradigma _Isola Design Festival _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Sarah Roseman – The New Paradigma

Moreover, during the festival, the events, launches, talks, workshops and gatherings will add even more colour to the Milan Design Week 2022.

The festival will enable all to meet the best talents and the most innovative projects of its Community. Moreover, during the event, the renewed digital platform will allow designers to experience a new way of making themselves known, and visitors to discover extra information about the projects and, in some cases, to buy them, directly from their smartphones.

Victor Hahner - Isola Design Gallery _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Victor Hahner

Isola Design Festival 2022 – Exhibitions and installations

In this edition, the exhibitions curated by Isola will revolve around six themes: circular design, new materials, craftsmanship, eco-sustainable production, social design and collectable design.

Must-see exhibitions and projects:

  • No Space for Waste – Location: Stecca3
  • Vita Lenta – Location: Regione Lombardia
  • The New Paradigma – Location: Via Confalonieri 21
  • Materialized – Location: Spazio Gamma
  • Isola Design Gallery – Location: Via Pastrengo 14
  • Rising Talents – Location: Via Farini 35
  • The Dutch Atelier – Location: Via Civerchio 2
  • The Social Side of Design
  • Direzione – Location: Via Pola 11

Much more to see, head to Isola Design District official website to get all the information.

Vita Lenta by Finemateria-HUMANELEMENT _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Vita Lenta by Finemateria-HUMANELEMENT

Rooftop Design Talks

This year Isola will bring together personalities, companies and institutions from the ecosystem of design, sustainability and creativity, to explore a wide range of topics and curiosities related to a circular economy, social design, design tech and the world of startups, real estate, design for wellness and health, and food design.

Jonathan Bocca-The New Paradigma _ Milan Design Week 2022
© Jonathan Bocca-The New Paradigma

The terrace of Copernico Isola for S32 will host, throughout the week, talks, round tables and events with guests such as the University of Florence, with talk Lab Design for Sustainability; One Ocean Foundation with a talk dedicated to plasticpollution on our seas; Circular Venice, Frog Design, AB+AC Architects, the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo, and many others.

At Isola Design Festival there will also be space for workshops: between Spaces Milano Isola and Bricheco, Workshok, an independent hub that organizes workshops on architecture and design, has planned a series of activities for creative professionals and design enthusiasts.


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