Isola Design Community is returning bigger than ever to Dutch Design Week

For its 4th consecutive edition, Isola returns to Dutch Design Week with an even bigger presence than in years past.From the 22nd to the 30th of October, the design platform will host in Eindhoven seven curated exhibitions in four different locations with over 100 designers from Isola Design Community.

The international design platform, Isola Design, is bringing over a hundred designers and their projects to the Irisbuurt district in Eindhoven, further expanding its borders with seven forward- looking exhibitions in four locations focused on circular furniture, collectible pieces, biomaterials, and innovative techniques.

The projects in the curated exhibitions represent the different faces of design: from experimentation with new and surprising materials to the reinterpretation of industrial production.

© Hideyuki Yamazawa _ Diversity of Imagination _ isola design gallery _
Diversity of Imagination | © Hideyuki Yamazawa

These exhibitions are not to be missed.

Get set to be inspired during Dutch Design Week 2022 from the 22nd to the 30th of October.

Together As One is Isola’s theme for its fourth participation in Dutch Design Week.

It is the common thread of all seven exhibitions, an encouragement to exchange knowledge and expertise in an effort to lead each party involved to become a part of a conscious whole that no longer considers design merely as the result of a process but the process itself.

© Ayelet Kimchi _ Swell4D _ isola design gallery _
Swell4D | © Ayelet Kimchi

Isola’s designers, who come from various backgrounds, will share this path through design towards the construction of smart solutions to the most urgent issues of our time.

This process requires all parties to work collectively to improve each other, pushing boundaries and exploiting the opportunity of being together, together as one.

This year’s theme of Dutch Design Week is Get Set.

A challenge set on itself to become a more community-driven event to get designers and visitors in the right mindset of working towards joint missions and challenges.

The theme is reflected in Isola’s digital platform.

With 800 designers in its community, has become a fertile ground for connections, innovation, and progress.

© Zuzanna Skurka _ BRICK WORKS photo credit_ Ida Buss
Brick Works | © Zuzanna Skurka | ph Ida Buss

The key locations for this year are Pennings Foundation, Schellens Fabriek, and Burgers.


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