Lamitex launches new finishes during second edition of Decors Week

From the traditional to the daringly bright, Italian brand and laminate specialist Lamitex has launched four new mini-collections as part of this year’s Decors Week. 

Lamitex has unveiled its latest range of interior finishes to mark the start of their 2nd Decors Week of 2021, an exciting event it launched last year to introduce its most recent collections. This year, the brand is launching four mini-collections of laminates that recreate the lifelike grain of wood, ranging from neutral and natural patinas to those seemingly dyed in captivating colour.

Since 2001, Lamitex has operated in the field of surfaces and decors, championing an experimental approach that originates from its start as a research and development company. In 2004, it developed a highly specialised “Continuous Low Pressure Laminate”, which gives surfaces a hyper-realistic look thanks to a unique structural makeup: a real revolution in materials, focusing its attention on different fields of interior design, like furniture, cabinets, doors, wardrobes, wall paneling and any other potential application in interior vertical surfacing.

More recently, Lamitex has been looking at ways to translate this experience online. Last year, it launched the Lamitex configurator that lets customers preview its finishes in 3D without a need to download third-party software. During the restrictions imposed on the design world by the pandemic, it has since served as a powerful online interior design tool, where its customers can personalise materials and explore all relevant specifications, including those to its most recent launches.

The four mini-collections—Unicorn, Ancestral, Tropical and Fiorentini—were developed based on its research into the current needs of its consumers. They combine the expertise of the sales department, the internal research & style office DR&SS and the strong market knowledge.


The first of four collections is Unicorn, which draws inspiration from the idea of a mythical creature, which also gives the collection its name. Lamitex has designed a family of colourful finishes with unexpected hues created with the Gen-Z consumer in mind. Playing to this demographic’s love of playful and striking interiors, it’s an unexpected take on laminates that reflects Lamitex’s unique approach.

Whilst creating something totally new, the company also celebrates time-honoured craft. The collection recreates the effect of aniline-dyed wood, a technique dating back to the 19th century, which uses natural pigments to give the surface its new shade. 

“For this family, we decided to present the unicorn theme in a pop way thanks to a neon effect, as it is a mythological animal connected to the world of colors,” says Lamitex. “They are particularly impactful as a solution in the world of interiors.”

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For its Ancestral collection, Lamitex references the raw, uncontaminated appearance of wood in celebration of its origins whilst drawing inspiration from Nordic design. 

It features two elegant finishes—flamed ash and untreated oak—that build on Scandinavian influences in modern interior styles connecting with its aesthetics with little to no processing and simplicity of lines. Both feature an “open-pore” coating, which means that the veining and other characteristics of the ash are not covered by the color – rather, they remain visible to emphasise the natural beauty of the wood.

“In this family, we wanted to present a selection of extremely natural colors, which recreate a pure and primitive scenario,” says Lamitex.


Tropical emphasises the warmth of wood in a series of finishes designed with the hospitality sector in mind. Inspired by the textures of hotter climates, a trio of woods retains all of their characteristic details to enhance the interplay of light and dark between the different grains. 

Defined by deep and visible wood grains, Tropical is a statement collection designed to be noticed. Olive captures the rich and colorful appearance of olive wood, which is hard and rich in color, Mango captures the golden brown grain of its inspiration, and Tropical captures a soft, beachy appearance.


Finally, Fiorentini, which pays tribute to classic design in Italy as well as celebrating its history as one of the main producers of walnut wood. 

Taking the chance to create a darker and more elegant series with an ingenious design encapsulates the unique texture of walnut wood, which is revered for its versatility as well as its beauty.

Lamitex expresses the material’s warmth and captures its striking appearance in dark, dense, and tight-grained surfaces. There are two variants—uffizi and accademia—both of which present a traditional hue suitable for living rooms and kitchens.

“We have chosen a flamed one and a more regular line with more gradual chromatic transitions.”

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To discover the collections in more detail visit Lamitex at SICAM (12-15 October 2021), where the company is exhibiting them as part of the international trade fair held in Pordenone, Italy, annually. Alternatively, the four new collections will be on display during the MADE expo, an exciting B2B platform for the architecture and construction sectors at Fiera Milano Rho in Milan from 22-25 November 2021.

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