Lignes de Capiton presents an innovative use of the traditional upholstery technique of capitonnage – button sofa.

The wood beams function both as an alternative to the buttons that pin-down the cushioned fabric and as means of giving a shape and a pattern to an otherwise blank surface.

This piece calls into attention the peculiar nature of wood beams as an element that transcends, throughout the history of furniture, the entire range between function and decoration.

The name of the project, Lignes de Capiton, is a reference to Jacques Lacan’s term “Point de Capiton” – the point(s) in which the signified and signifier are held together, giving rise to an illusion of a fixed meaning to language.

Lignes de capiton is an aesthetic and conceptual development of 75% Control, in which the wooden frame’s added value of comfort comes to the fore, similarly to the way in which bed frames are structured.


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