Loudt unveils musegg: the speaker that adapts to your preferences

By filling a gap in the market and appealing to customers willing to invest in quality and innovation, Loudt is paving the way for a more personalized and sustainable listening experience

Loudt, an innovative audio technology company, has recently announced the release of their latest product, musegg, which aims to revolutionize the way we experience music. The speaker is designed to cater to the needs of music enthusiasts who have a penchant for design, while adapting to individual preferences and room acoustics.

According to Juergen Seidler, co-founder of Loudt, the idea for musegg came about five years ago when they recognized the potential of streaming technology in meeting the demands of audiophiles. They also noticed the absence of a product that caters to this need and decided to create their own.

Loudt _ musegg speaker
© musegg speaker by Loudt

The creative process was not without its challenges, but it ultimately led them to find new solutions to address current and future problems.

Musegg’s design philosophy revolves around the human being and their hearing characteristics. Everyone’s hearing ability changes with age and is shaped by their habits and experiences, making each person’s perception of sound unique. Even the listening environment can significantly affect playback.

Therefore, instead of building the perfect speaker, musegg is designed to adapt to individual preferences and room acoustics, providing a personalized listening experience.

© musegg speaker by Loudt

The elliptical design of musegg is balanced by the golden ratio and has several advantages from a mechanical and acoustic design perspective. The classic and non-polarizing design is aesthetically pleasing, putting a smile on users’ faces every time they see it.

Aside from being a speaker, musegg is also a system that maximizes potential lifetime, a testament to Loudt‘s commitment to resource conservation. The easy exchange of electronics enables customers to maintain the value of their investment, providing them with high-end audio systems that retain their value for years, if not generations.

Loudt _ musegg speaker
© musegg speaker by Loudt

Loudt believes that fine HiFi equipment is an investment that requires careful consideration, which is why the company is offering customers the opportunity to try their products before purchasing. The company has a fleet of test systems available in specially designed cases, which can be shipped using environmentally friendly parcel logistics services.

Juergen Seidler believes that musegg is tailored to music lovers who have an affinity for design. The product focuses not only on quality and performance but also on sustainability and environmental responsibility.


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