These everyday objects are très extraordinaire

Inspired by French expressions – Lucas Lorigeon crafts a range of one-of-a-kind products.

The French language comprises a mélange of expressions that beautifully paint daily situations – researching around this; France-based product designer Lucas Lorigeon creates fascinating outdoor objects. 

“This project simply proposes a utopian picture of dreamed products using wordplay and irony” says Lorigeon.

Putting a spin on ordinary quotidian objects and presented as a pair – each of these conceptual products come with a photograph and an amusing illustration in a monochrome comic-strip form. 

Object 1 – ‘Se prendre un râteau’

Literally translating to ‘walking on a rake’ – this is the French equivalent of ‘being turned down’.

From here, he devised this portable and playful eclectic lamp that activates with movement as one can – step on it, lift it or carry it around to see this tool light up!

This illuminating product is fabricated from warm wood and adding a pop of color – the green foot of the rake is made out of metal.

© Lucas Lorigeon

Object 2 – ‘L’arroseur arrosé’

Building on the phrase ‘the tables have turned’ – he designed this eye-catching green table attached to a watering can that is unusually utilized to ballast its leg.

Easy to use with a capacity of 12 liters, this metal piece of garden furniture needs to be filled with water to make it heavier and weigh down the base in case of wind. 

© Lucas Lorigeon

Object 3 – ‘Faire la courte échelle’

Experimenting with the words ‘take the short ladder’ – he brilliantly crafted this metal ladder composed of several modules featuring a vibrant red hue.

“With an image of people climbing on top of each other to overcome an obstacle – I represented this juxtaposition by drawing a ladder with a 1+1+1+1 scale” Lorigeon adds.

© Lucas Lorigeon


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