Inspired by LEGO – this piece of luggage adds excitement to your travel

Crafting objects that are anything but boring, Bored Eye design studio fabricates Lugo – one-of-a-kind LEGO-inspired luggage.

Focusing on crafting objects that are anything but boring by harmoniously blending function with style and imagination, Bored Eye design studio fabricates ‘Lugo’ – one-of-a-kind LEGO-inspired luggage as their recent submission to Render Weekly.

Based in Essex, UK and an anagram of Bedoyere – Bored Eye design studio is brilliantly founded by industrial product designer Liam de la Bedoyere. 

Since the studio uses LEGO for exploring concepts as well as initial modeling – the idea of this innovative interactive product was born easily and evolved quickly. 

© Bored Eye

“Starting with some initial sketches and playing around with LEGO – it didn’t take long to jump into the 3D stage of development as well as the visualization in Keyshot” says Bedoyere.

Applying the style and vibrant eye-catching colors of LEGO Bricks with a pop to Lugo completed its fun feel whilst – replicating the interlocking nature offered functionally by making it effortlessly stackable and storable, just like the much-loved brick itself.

However – if the design went further, this eclectic modular object would further research and skillfully follow LEGO’s ethos on sustainability.

“I would definitely look to use recycled PET plastic for the body of the case instead of ABS – a thermoplastic material – or even explore making the case from recycled LEGO Bricks” Bedoyere adds. 

© Bored Eye
Lugo by Bored Eye
© Bored Eye


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