Marmomac Plus creates the largest digital portal for the global marble market

Marmomac Plus is a digital platform welcoming users to explore online brand rooms 365 days a year; enjoy the Marmomac Talks portal via video link; and the Marmomac App, which translates the physical event online.

The world’s largest online platform for the global marble community is going from strength to strength.

Marmomac Plus, which launched last year to offer the market exclusive access to its four-day event in Verona, welcomes over 1,000 companies in materials, design, machines, technologies, tools and services, which have in turn registered over 3,400 products and more than 770 projects.

The platform has its own app that functions with an annual subscription service in a bid to bring the fair, which launched back in 1965, up to date with today’s consumers.

Essentially, Marmomac Plus started to give people a chance to see and save exhibitors, products, and projects as favourites, discover the agenda of scheduled events, exchange business cards and network. 

Marmomac Plus _ largest digital portal _ global marble market
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However, since then, the platform has grown exponentially.

“Joining Marmomac Plus means first of all monitoring the Stone Community online and being found by a relevant audience already trained on the stone product,” says Elena Amadini, Exhibition Manager at Marmomac. 

“It offers companies annual visibility and operators an inspirational and research tool with advanced filters where they can find machinery, products, projects and events related to the world of natural stone.”

The portal was born as an evolution of Marmomac’s online catalogue to amplify the business experience offered by the fair with different features and opportunities, like being supported by the promotion and campaigns that Veronafiere launches for the promotion of its brand.

Marmomac Plus _ largest digital portal _ global marble market
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Finally, Marmomac Plus is the gateway to later participation in all Marmomac initiatives, such as thematic B2B events, focus groups, and the physical fair itself.

“[We see it as] a tool for encouraging discussion and in-depth analysis related to the contents of this sector,” explains Amadini. “In Spring 2021, we launched Marmomac Talks Live, a four-day digital event in which eleven topical issues were discussed with international speakers and successful case histories. All of these are still available on the Marmomac Plus application.”

The platform is available to the entire sector, bridging the gap between novices and experts; consumers that want to know more about marble, and brands that want to exhibit their wares.

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It’s a product of the brand’s dedicated research into the global marble community, in particular its EMG Different study, which interviewed a representative sample of 2,000 Italians aged 30 and over between December 2021 and February 2022. 

Marmomac commissioned the research, which found a gap between sector professionals and consumers, whilst indicating that, among sources of consumer information, online channels now enjoy great potential well worth exploring in order to attract a younger audience.

Today, the platform provides the largest digital portal available to the global marble market, opening up a scenario that expands the chain of responsibility by focusing attention on the need for greater communication and interaction between different spheres in the supply chain.

Marmomac Plus _ largest digital portal _ global marble market
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“In addition to consulting brand rooms, Marmomac Plus users can contact companies directly through a multilingual chat,” explains Amadini.

This is a tool that automatically translates messages into 72 languages designed to avoid the “lost in translation” effect in a community that spans five continents.” 

“The exchange of business cards is also possible within the chat, whilst the favourites filter allows a more immediate consultation with the profiles displayed and the creation of a personalised itinerary once at the fair in Verona.” 

As a result, it plays a double function as a permanent promotional showcase for finding companies, projects and products, whilst serving as a valuable resource when it comes to historical information, current news and upcoming events. 

Marmomac Plus _ largest digital portal _ global marble market
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All of this and more, are smartly curated and communicated in a way that makes sense for the user.

For example, every 15 days the company profiles most visited and rewarded by the algorithm are shared on social platforms. 

“The most viewed content, rewarded by the user’s navigation, is displayed on the platform’s Homepage where the content highlights are run by the product sector.” 

“The same contents are the subject of a fortnightly newsletter sent to the entire database of over 60,000 operators. For the newsletter, the selection of content is entrusted to both the algorithm and a specific editorial plan.” 

Marmomac Plus _ digital portal _ global marble market
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Meanwhile, the “Events” section of the APP shows the institutional schedule of the event and the digital events of the companies involved promoted by the Marmomac communication plan.

As well as a helpful tool for its users, the portal is a great way for Marmomac to reach a larger audience and an impressively strategic move.

“On the company side, Marmomac Plus is a lead generation tool,” adds Amadini. “Just the connection request is enough to generate a precious and unique b-card database that can be downloaded in the reserved area. 

“A tool that can be combined with the business card scanning service via an app that will be active at the fair, to generate a clean and uniform data entry.”

© Marmomac / Ennevi

Ahead of the next edition of Marmomac, which is scheduled for 27-30 September 2022, Marmomac Plus continues to showcase brands to the international market, as well as events and opportunities for sharing with the largest marble and natural stone community. 

Marmomac Plus is open and accessible to all here.


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