An awakening to the beauty of the essential that purifies our soul

Metanoia is a temple for the body, but also for the soul; a new refuge where you can immerse yourself, dream and profoundly relax.

Metanoia by Patricia Bustos is a “retreat”, a stairway to a utopian world where inner peace and connection with our environs are the true path of conversion. In other words, an emotional catharsis.

It is the chimera that conceals the desire to find in the tangible what we should be searching for inside ourselves. The shift in direction we’re not too late to take.

The idea that it is imperative to slow down our lives, connect with the universe and once again search for something higher than us, an energy that envelops us, the most powerful one of all: LOVE.

Metanoia - Interior
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

Fleeing from the noise that distorts and distresses our true essence. Learning how to transcend in order to realise ourselves as people and impact the WORLD, leaving our mark, contributing our grain of sand, building something better.Metanoia is a temple for the body, but also for the soul; a new refuge where you can immerse yourself, dream and profoundly relax. A nook of pleasure where everything is soft, delicate and silent.

This time we wanted to get back to nature, to the essence, but from a different vantage point: from the desire to live in peace and harmony with the universe around us, and with ourselves.

A new “GENESIS” that allows us to rediscover the purest beauty in a fluid, “freemium” space. A luxury bathroom, but a free one far from stereotypes or clichés. 

Metanoia - bathroom space
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

The paradigm of luxury has changed. We are not so interested in the tangible but instead what allows us to experience or feel the emotional part of the product, connecting with our ideals and principles. Challenging the traditional concept of “status”, the younger generations are choosing freer lifestyles which enable them to have holistic experiences, beyond comfort or luxury. Being aligned with these values connects us with our clients.

In our particular temple, all eyes are on water. Water casts back the light that reaches it, and the windows to the outside world are covered with infinite iridescent panes which suffuse the space with the colours of a spectacular sunset on a cliff with crystalline water… Inside, in a warm cave, a spring continuously brings life to everything harboured there.

Metanoia - bathroom space
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

The faucets from Hansgrohe’s Rainfinity collection turn the bathroom into a refuge focused on silence and reflection. Its new sprinkler system with delicate, minuscule droplets make it a sustainable product while also providing an almost mystical experience, a sense of natural, enveloping rain which provides a moment of refuge and connection.

The entire space is cloaked in a coat of immaculate white fur that spirits us away to a cavern. In the age of sensory oversaturation, we need to find spaces that beckon contemplation and silence. The adaptable flooring material, both sustainable and acoustic, as well as the fur lining the room, turn Metanoia into a balm for our overactive minds in need of peace and quiet.

Metanoia - details
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

The different volumes, organic shapes, and raw materials accentuate the sense of a cavern, connecting us to Mother Earth and highlighting the beauty of the gems and the cool glass surrounding the water area. The contrasts among materials represent our internal contradictions and conflicts, as well as how we can find the beauty of life in them.

Steps lead to the shower, guarded by dégradé glass prisms which serve as partitions while also resembling the distance of the utopian horizon that we dream about.

Metanoia - inteior
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

Lighting is an essential element of the project, evoking distant scenes. An impressive golden, almost scalding sunset, or a cool, delicate mauve sunrise where we can almost feel the morning dew.

The Two Roads ceiling lamp surmounts the space and represents the two directions on a road… It shows us how we can choose between following our instincts and moving forward or becoming mired in fear and withdrawing.

Metanoia - sitting
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

The sculptures in the large central bathtub and sinks are made of plastic, esparto, and wood, all sustainable materials. They emerge from the space like large organic volumes inlaid with quartz, transporting us to a veritable cave and connecting us with our ancestors, back when our homes were refuges in the mountains and we wrapped ourselves in pelts; when the essential was not tarnished with the superfluous noise, smog and constant twinkling of cities.

This noise is represented by the wallpaper in Patricia Bustos’s Diversity collection which covers the façade and entrance to this space, remaining outside, incapable of penetrating the cave of silence.

Metanoia - entrance
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

The dressing table represents mirages, a hole through which we can peer into the utopia and see what a quieter world would be, one where we could hear the stream, the waves in the sea, the wind rustling the leaves. The Fantastic Chair leads us to this world; ergonomic yet surrealistic, it provides a touch of science fiction to the entire space, as does the Dreamland chaise longue. When reclining on it, the promised dream turns out to be closer than ever.

The two Magnetic lamps, both the floor and the table versions, connect us with the space, light our way towards it and hypnotise us thanks to their iridescent rings. And they take us further, to the true utopia we dream about.

Metanoia - furniture
Metanoia by Patricia Bustos

Psychedelic and futuristic: that’s what the pieces in this temple are, in contrast to the nature and rawness of the rest of the composition, which provides these interplays and contrasts we need to capture in order to represent the complexity of this world, the paradoxes we face every day, and how, even though we go back to our roots, we always have to look towards the future with enthusiasm and a huge dose of fantasy.

“Utopia is on the horizon. I move two steps closer; it moves two steps further away. I walk another ten steps and the horizon runs ten steps further away. So what’s the point of utopia? The point is this: to keep walking.” (Eduardo Galeano)


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