MOTION ZERO introduces a new dimension in meditation design

Now catching attention on Kickstarter, MOTION ZERO fits right into our daily routine, helping us easily find calm moments. By making it simpler to get into a meditative state, it’s opening the door for more people to enjoy the benefits of meditation

Serving as a statement piece on your desk, MOTION ZERO is more than a mere decorative item: it’s a functional tool meticulously crafted to enhance meditation. Central to its design is a captivating metal egg. When positioned on its glass base, this egg begins its entrancing spin, drawing the observer’s gaze and facilitating a deeper focus, easing the transition into a meditative state.

Users can adjust the spinning session’s duration, ranging from a brief few minutes to an extended hour, by simply moving the metal spheres, which act as the product’s intuitive interface. The device boasts various modes, including the Focus mode, where 21 unique “randomness” sensors dictate the egg’s movement. The Anchor mode, on the other hand, intermittently slows the egg’s spin, serving as a gentle reminder to refocus one’s drifting attention.

The inception of MOTION ZERO stems from a genuine desire to make meditation more accessible and effective. In today’s fast-paced world, finding a moment of peace can be challenging.

This product aims to bridge that gap, making it easier for individuals to tap into the profound benefits of meditation, such as stress reduction, enhanced focus, and improved memory. By providing a tangible focal point, MOTION ZERO claims to make entering the meditative state quicker and more efficient, even for those new to the practice.

Motion Zero, meditation design

Aesthetically, MOTION ZERO presents a harmonious blend of geometric and organic shapes. Concentric circles and waves are reminiscent of the ripples created by a drop of water, symbolizing the expansive impact of a single moment of mindfulness.

The central metal egg-shaped element is both mysterious and intriguing. Its magical spinning motion captures attention, drawing the observer into the timeless bliss of meditation, making the experience both visual and tactile.

Motion Zero, meditation design

Behind this innovative product is the company, MOTION ZERO LLC. Founded in 2023 by Giacomo Di Muro, David Windestål, and Chad Kapper, the trio brings their passion and expertise to the table. Their mission is clear: to help people experience the incredible benefits of meditation by providing products that simplify the process.

Motion Zero, meditation design

With their combined experience and dedication, they aim to make products that not only serve a purpose but also fit beautifully in any environment.


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