“Mondi a Milano” – Unveiling the theme for MuseoCity’s eighth edition

The selected theme for 2024, uniting 109 participants, celebrates the city’s hallmark qualities: its receptiveness to varied cultural influences and its skill in integrating them to cultivate a distinctive culture of its own.

DesignWanted’s partnership with MuseoCity persists as a media ally, dedicated to showcasing Milan and its design scene beyond their signature annual highlight: Milan Design Week. MuseoCity, now at its eighth iteration, has firmly established itself as a key date not just for its organizers but crucially for its visitors.

On Friday, March 1 (until March 5), 2024, the event kicks off. This initiative, through a series of targeted and linked activities, grants access to a variety of cultural sites including public and private museums, artist archives, historic house museums, art foundations, and corporate museums, many of which are not typically open to the public. Among the new features of this edition are two ambitious special projects: “MuseoCity in Galleria” and “MuseoCity in Vetrina“.

The “MuseoCity in Galleria” project seeks to enhance cultural exchange and solidify the idea of an extensive museum network, a core principle of MuseoCity. It involves 9 art galleries affiliated with ANGAMC – the National Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries – each showcasing an artwork or project from various museums and archives connected to the MuseoCity network.

Render concept window, Missoni X MilanoMuseoCity

“MuseoCity in Vetrina” highlights the innovation of Milan and the intricate bond between art and the business sector. Showcases from 11 iconic Made in Italy brands – Alessi, Artemide, Atlas Concorde, Cassina, De Padova, Kartell, Lavazza, Marazzi, Missoni, Molteni&C, Poltrona Frau – are adorned with bespoke displays. Utilizing archival materials and signature pieces, these installations narrate the distinct corporate cultures behind each brand. This initiative seeks to broaden the reach of Milan MuseoCity, engaging an audience that might not typically frequent galleries and museums.

This time, our focus shifts to “MuseoCity in Vetrina” where we aim to highlight the initiative by showcasing the stories behind the projects involved (see previous edition), drawn to the concept that brands can convey cultural messages through their design creations.


The installation by Alessi for the 2024 MuseoCity edition, themed ‘Worlds in Milan,’ showcases the unique aspect of Alessi‘s exploration by featuring six designers from diverse countries, generations, and fields, highlighting the variety and richness of their distinct design vocabularies.

Alessi _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity _ ©FILIPPO ROMANO_ 2024 MUSEO CITY_32
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


Artemide seeks to convey a global perspective through the singular designs of the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. The partnership between Artemide and Herzog & de Meuron, which began with the award-winning 2002 Compasso d’Oro masterpiece Pipe, endures with a series of products and exclusive projects to the present. The Unterlinden collection, an array of lamps suited for both indoor and outdoor settings and distinguished by their material heads crafted from aluminum or die-cast brass, has turned the Corso Monforte showroom window into a showcase of international scope, reflecting Milan’s cultural and European essence.

‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano

Atlas Concorde

Situated in Milan’s vibrant core, the “Incontri e Progetti – Pastel Rebellion” installation by Atlas Concorde stands out, showcasing the Boost Color collection by Piero Lissoni as a testament to the fusion of artistic innovation and industrial craftsmanship. The display weaves a tapestry of soft pastel tones, representing creativity and liberation, skillfully merged with the disciplined world of ceramic manufacturing. This gradation from the tender hues of individual expression to the structured realm of industrial production serves as a metaphor for the pivotal convergence of designer originality and the precision of mass production.

Atlas Concorde _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


The iconic Maralunga sofa, conceived by Vico Magistretti in 1973, has undergone a transformation to enhance its comfort. Rigorous research, in partnership with the Vico Magistretti Foundation, has refined the ingenious mechanism within its backrest, providing improved support. This allows for an adjustable experience—from a lower setting that encourages sociability to a raised position for optimal relaxation. Now, it takes center stage in the new Lancia Ypsilon Limited Edition Cassina campaign, embarking on a remarkable journey that captures Cassina‘s diverse spirit and dedication to propagating design culture.

‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano

De Padova

During Milano MuseoCity, taking place from the 1st to the 5th of March 2024, Veronica Gaido’s photography – under the title ‘APHRODITES’ – harmoniously interacts with the creative essence of Boffi|DePadova. Engaging in a dialogue that melds the intimacy of photographic art with interior design settings, Gaido wields her camera as one would a paintbrush, capturing light and motion to create moments that transcend time and evoke a dreamlike atmosphere. Rather than observing limits, her work invites an intimate encroachment. Within the open-air museum setting of Milan’s De Padova showroom, a captivating enchantment unfolds, portraying the human body as both the origin and the culmination, the very medium through which we interpret and navigate our existence.

DePadova _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


During “Mondi a Milano,” Kartell and the Kartell Museo showcase a segment from the “K70Play” initiative, curated by Luca Stoppini and launched for Kartell’s 70th-anniversary celebration. The “K70Play” project brought together a host of international creatives who were tasked with crafting artistic short films that offer a fresh perspective on items from the Kartell Museo collection.

‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


In celebration of Milano MuseoCity, the Lavazza Flagship Store in Milan unveils a dedicated exhibition for the 2024 Lavazza Calendar titled “More than us.” This calendar marks the 20th anniversary of the Giuseppe e Pericle Lavazza Onlus Foundation, which has been actively promoting local autonomy and sustainable entrepreneurship since 2004. Presently, the foundation is engaged in enhancing living standards by empowering new generations and acknowledging the contributions of women’s labor, with 33 initiatives across 20 countries on 3 continents.

Lavazza _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


During Milano MuseoCity, from March 1st to 5th, Marazzi‘s Milan showroom at Via Borgogna, featuring the “The Green & Blue Room” conceptualized by ACPV ARCHITECTS, will be transformed into a cabinet of curiosities showcasing the art of Tadini and Squatriti. In conjunction with Milano MuseoCity, the Marazzi showroom becomes a venue for cultural exchange, displaying the collections from two significant Milanese cultural entities: Casa Museo Spazio Tadini and Archivio Fausta Squatriti, both integral parts of the MuseoCity network of Milan.

‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


In Missoni‘s collections, knitwear serves as the artistic thread weaving together the realms of Art and Fashion. This craft merges sartorial expression with a dedication to exploration and handcrafted knitting techniques. The brand’s essence is captured through four key elements: Color, Texture, Dynamics, and Form. Missoni’s fashion narrative is ceaselessly reimagined, staying true to the core attributes of the brand’s identity, continuously evolving the visionary language established by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. This expansive universe of knitwear is meticulously curated and preserved within the Missoni Archive.

Missoni _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano


In the inviting Molteni&C Flagship Store at Corso Europa 2, fashioned as a homely space within a gallery setting by Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen, a special tribute to Gio Ponti is on display for Museo City. The window exhibition highlights pieces from the Heritage Collection, which honors illustrious designers like Ignazio Gardella, Yasuhiko Itoh, Tobia Scarpa, and Werner Blaser. Featured prominently are Ponti’s designs, the D.154.2 armchair and the D.555.1 coffee table, both mid-20th century creations revisited by Molteni&C from original sketches housed in the Gio Ponti Archives. The bronze detailing echoes the legs of some of Ponti’s most famous designs, offering a glimpse into a history that remains relevant today. These timeless masterpieces, once confined to museums, now find a place in our homes, embodying a culture of quality living and shaping personal experiences.

‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano

Poltrona Frau

The exhibit narrates the dynamic synergy between Poltrona Frau, Gio Ponti, and the city of Milan. Centered on the concept behind the Dezza armchair—originated in Ponti’s Milan studio on Via Dezza in 1965— the showcase explores the essence of its design. Dezza, the inaugural Poltrona Frau piece crafted in Tolentino, is notable for its distinctive triangular leg profile. Ponti envisioned it as “… very strong but light, easily movable, one that can fit anywhere… It must be easy to make, ship, disassemble to reach anywhere.

Poltrona Frau _ Musei in Vetrina by MuseoCity
‘Musei in Vetrina’ by MuseoCity – © Filippo Romano

The eighth iteration of Milan MuseoCity is taking shape as a widespread, multidisciplinary exhibition that traverses various realms from art and design to fashion, science, archaeology, literature, and music. It epitomizes the distinctive Milanese approach to culture that seamlessly intertwines the public with the private.


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