A holistic approach to design, NELSON Worldwide is focused on delivering visions

With a very nuanced blending of expertise, NELSON Worldwide builds messages and experiences that transcend the environments, inspiring and engaging the user.

Founded in 1977 as an interior design firm, in more recent times NELSON Worldwide has expanded its reach: starting from a single discipline, the brand is today a complete platform with 10 incorporated service lines.

Interior design and architecture remain the cornerstones of a 360° service that includes, among the others, brand communication, strategy, and consulting, proudly and successfully addressing the 40% of Fortune 500 companies.

Not a designer and neither an architect, chairman and CEO John “Ozzie” Nelson Jr. has a business background and has represented since 2003 the second generation of the firm.

In less than two decades, NELSON Worldwide has become a big player in project management, growing tremendously its revenues and teammates and focusing on what they do best: delivering an idea.

NELSON office in Philadelphia – ©NELSON Worldwide

Google Campus – Cambridge

In pure NELSON‘s style, Google’s 300.000 square-foot multi-building campus reflects the brand’s focus on creativity and innovation: spaces inspired by the Boston location that saw Google’s staff engaged and consulted during the entire project, with results that merge the company’s culture with the city, featuring Boston and Cambridge’s most iconic locations tied together as subway stops between the two cities.

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Google Cambridge
NELSON’s design for Google’s multi-building campus reflects the brand’s focus on creativity and innovation – ©NELSON Worldwide

Verizon Innovation Center – San Francisco

Delivering Verizon’s success in their field won NELSON some awards, since the Innovation Center in San Francisco won, among the others, the Green Good Design award and the award for Best Research Lab Design.

Everything from the interior design, to the use of colors and the orientation of spaces, talks about Verizon’s innovation and development, an open, flexible venue with excellent views of the Bay Bridge and Oakland Hills.


Throughout the years, NELSON has established a long-standing partnership with the global chicken chain that culminated on the occasion of the 75th anniversary, with the refreshment of the brand environments and the creation of a modern design celebrating Colonel Sanders and his down-home values: vivid colors for the exterior of the restaurants, and bold graphics and focal points throughout the dining area.

More recently, NELSON unveiled a next-generation prototype for KFC, prioritizing the digital experience and featuring a cubby system for online and pick-up orders that erase the contact between employees and customers.


NELSON for T-Mobile

T-Mobile partnered with NELSON to develop five flagship stores across the United States, for what looks like a bold brand statement: T-Mobile wanted to get rid of its traditional carrier image, and NELSON’s instore club-like lighting, an urban feel, and virtual reality experiences definitely brought that message to life.

T mobile chicago entrance

W and Element Hotel – Philadelphia

With a longtime experience in the hospitality industry, NELSON Worldwide was chosen by Starwood Hotels & Resorts to create the firm’s first dual-branded hotel in Philadelphia’s tallest hotel tower.

The challenge for NELSON was to keep W and Element different personalities, the first for a luxurious stay, the latter for business and leisure, offering two different staying experiences that share some amenities under the same roof.

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Nelson Worldwide - W Element
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