NIX is the world’s smallest all-in-one, portable drum washing machine

Launched via Kickstarter this month, NIX’s futuristic take on the home appliance is hoping to raise the funds needed to go from concept to production.

Marketed as the world’s smallest all-in-one drum washing machine, NIX is intended for quick washes or those with small living spaces such as students. A removable water tank can be filled anywhere and supplies water directly so NIX doesn’t require connection to a water main supply

There’s also a sustainable argument for the product—inside, a 20° inclined drum design saves water, washes more efficiently, and makes it easy to put laundry in and take it out. 

NIX is design-driven with an ultra-modern appearance that fits discreetly into any room and takes the laundry experience to a new level,” reads the campaign’s description. “NIX washes any clothing but is specialized for the care and cleaning of undergarments and intimate wear.” 

NIX features a patented UV & SteamTech, a multiple sterilization process that its designers say reliably eliminates 100% of annoying mites and 99.99% of bloodstains, fungus, and bacteria “leaving garments not only clean, but also sanitized”.

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The small portable washing machine also comes complete with its own smartphone companion application allowing users to see how long is remaining as well as tweak settings and more. Along the top of NIX’s main door, a digital display screen allows users to select which cycle they’d like all through the use of haptic sensors.

It’s the ultimate convenience with a futuristic aesthetic to match. A vertical-lifting door provides access to the drum, which is housed inside a plastic body with a clean design. 

The tech doesn’t stop there. NIX is also equipped with a Nidec frequency scaling direct-drive motor to provide powerful washing while reducing the overall noise. This quiet, but efficient motor is designed to ensure a long life for the washing machine, saving energy with each cycle and giving a more peacefully quiet home.

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