10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola that won’t leave you indifferent

Wishing to change the world’s perception of creation and consumption, Pierre Castignola feels like a breath of fresh air in the design industry

Design is more about asking the right questions than having the right answers and this is something Pierre Castignola – an Eindhoven-based designer, seems to know perfectly.

Seeking to redefine the paradigm of creation and consumption, Pierre is behind several projects that redefine our beliefs about objects and their roles in our lives. 

Whimsical yet meaningful – his projects are guaranteed to spark a conversation.

1. Copytopia

With Copytopia Pierre Castignola argues that protection measures harm the creative process rather than help it.


The impossibility of imitating and thus improving an already developed idea limits imagination. 

To counter this, Pierre revised the outdoor plastic lounge chair by mixing and matching patented elements in a patent-free version with infinite solutions.

Although the origins of the plastic garden chair are unknown, many remakes have been patented, parts of which have been remade into a single Castignola object to explore the ambiguous relationship between patent rights and freedom of creation.

2. Chandelier

One of the quirkiest works of Pierre Castignola is this unique chandelier.

Inspired by the aristocratic Victorian dinner parties of the 19th century, the designer created the installation ‘Monobloc Dinner Party’. 

It recreates the design of the era, based on the host’s desire to show guests an expensive interior with detailed furnishings. 


The installation takes inspiration from this aristocratic behavior and, at the same time, uses what is known to be the cheapest and most common type of furniture – typical plastic outdoor furniture, most often used for relaxing in the garden.

3. Monochromatic Open Display Shelf 

In the installation ‘Monobloc Dinner Party’, created at Atelier Ecru, Pierre composes and assembles neo-baroque furniture, chandeliers, chairs and tables, shelves, and stools, using a unique material – plastic extracted from plastic outdoor chairs.

In this deconstruction of forms, he plays with the archetypal shapes of objects, creating a striking, bold contrast between the natural and intuitive approach to design and functionality.

Open Display Shelf

Looking at the open shelf, you can’t help but question the goal of the unique design.

According to the designer, through his work, he looks a the hierarchy of materials and the value of recycled plastic.

4. Candelabra

Pierre Castignola believes that imitation is part of human nature and that designers should be free to work on and improve existing designs. 

A designer is not seen as a creator but as a selector who takes someone else’s work and makes it his own.

So, what’s the inspiration behind Candelbra? The viewer is left to wonder.

Copytopia Candelabra _ 10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola
Copytopia Candelabra

5. Copytopia Stool

You won’t choose this stool as a place to rest after a long day of work, but it is certainly a piece that will not leave you indifferent.

The French designer is known for using a conceptual framework, still, his projects are always surprising, intriguing, and even surreal, and this COPYTOPIA stool is no exception.

Made of polypropylene and aluminum rivets, each piece is unique in color, scale, and shape.

Copystopia Stool _ 10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola
Copystopia Stool

6. The Thurst Lamp

His latest project, ‘State of Possession’, is a collection of lamps that explores our relationship with the objects that adorn our surroundings, providing a more complex and intimate interaction, almost humanizing them.

Instead of seeing ourselves as masters of things, perhaps we can become more like equals.

Whimsically, The Thurst Lamp switches on when a glass of water is poured.

As Pierre Castignola states himself: “I set out to create an emotion rather than a function.” 

Thurst Lamp

7. The Chill Lamp

Nowadays, lamps come in all shapes and colors and offer many different experiences.

But have you ever heard of a lamp that lights up when a scarf is put around it? Most likely not.

Part of Castignola’s collection ‘State of Possession’, this design challenges everything we believe about lighting.

Chill Lamp _ 10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola
Chill Lamp

8. The Tilt Lamp

The Tilt lamp guarantees illumination only when the user places it at a specific angle on the ground.

With this project, Pierre Castignola encourages people to bond with objects in their daily lives.

The lamps in ‘State of Possesion’ are an excellent example of innovative design and a perspective that goes beyond current consumer market thinking.

Tilt Lamp _ 10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola
Tilt Lamp

9. Blue Room Object Clock N°7

Another collection by the designer that deserves your attention is called ‘Blue Room’.

As you can guess from the name, it features a set of exclusive models where all the objects are blue.

This particular clock is the Blue Room Object Clock N°7.

Blue Room Object Clock N7

10. Parametric Vase

Some of Pierre Castignola’s designs are so simple you can’t help but think, “I could have invented that too!”.

Well, that is the beauty and the essence of his works. But don’t let the simplicity fool you – the creation of Pierre Castignola is no less than genius and this vase is the perfect example.

Parametric Vase _ 10 whimsical creations by Pierre Castignola
Parametric Vase

End notes

To survive both in our daily lives and design, once every while, a little amusement is needed.

The work of Pierre Castignola is like a breath of fresh air in our serious world, which sparks not only interest but also conversation.

After all – what could be more whimsical than a lamp wearing a scarf?


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