Pixel City: Design Open Spaces extends its borders introducing augmented reality

Design Open Spaces (DOS), the first widespread design district, returns to the official Design City Edition calendar. The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Milan and the Politecnico di Milano – School of Design.

Design Open Spaces is an organization that was born from the idea of the designers Emilio Lonardo and Diego Longoni to create a synergistic collaboration between public institutions and private actors who, through their work, lead to the reopening of forgotten spaces with design practices to make them available to the community again according to the human scale philosophy, with the consequent urban and social enhancement of cities.

For its second edition, DOS goes beyond physical boundaries by introducing augmented reality. An idea that broadens the concept of a widespread district and tells the prosperity of our era, eliminating distances and time, so as to bring the world to Milan and Milan to the world.

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DOS goes beyond physical boundaries by introducing augmented reality through Pixel City

Therefore, the first Pixel City will be held from 5-10 October and will have its headquarters at La Fabbrica del Vapore, taking part in the DOS Circuit with strategic points called Pixel Activators, where a series of initiatives and exhibitions will combine the physical component with the digital one so that each visitor can view them both while walking through the streets of the city and while sitting at home.

As in the 2019 edition, this year there will be insight discussion tables and daily IG directs that will be organized with the partners.

The DOS Circuit touches the main design districts, where the area comes alive with contents that give users increased and amplified user experiences in addition to the traditional ones in the spaces.

To travel inside the Pixel City, DOS uses:

Tactile Experiences: through the use of innovative technologies, it is possible to fill in part one of the great gaps in virtual environments, the sense of touch, by offering users a synaesthetic experience that combines the physical with the digital.

Vireal Restoration: thanks to augmented reality, vireal restoration actions will be implemented that will allow viewing some forgotten spaces reopened for the occasion, with a new glance, capable of attracting potential new collaborators.

Augmented Exhibition: through augmented reality, users will be able to view digital content directly at home, experiencing a real experience that allows them to interact more with the products on display and their contents.

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With Pixel City, DOS offers users a synesthetic experience that combines the physical with the digital

The list of touch points by DOS continues with digital means of interactions:

Pop-Up Pixels: a series of points scattered around the city will allow to view the objects on display and enter new worlds. These Pixels will activate DOS’ virtual reality and allow users to explore and experience districts of the city differently.

Pixels will be located in Brera district at Largo La Foppa and Largo Treves, Bovisa district at Piazza Emilio Alfieri, Garibaldi at Corso Como, 10, Isola at Via De Castilla and Piazza Archinto, Monte Ceneri at Cavalcavia Serra, Navigli district at Via Vigevano, Politecnico di Milano at the Bovisa campus in Via Durando 10 and Via Candiani 72, Porta Romana at Largo Isarco, 2, San Siro district at Piazzale Axum, Stazione Cadorna as well as Stazione Centrale, Ticinese district at Colonne di San Lorenzo and Piazza XXIV Maggio, Tortona at Largo Delle Culture, Passerella Elvira Leonardi Bouyeure and Porta Genova, and at Triennale in Viale Alemagne, 6.

DOS Live Streaming: through the platform, it will be possible to access live sessions to bring stories, dicussions related to the products, and the most discussed topics of the moment directly from the users’ homes. The idea is to create round tables with the most diverse panel of designers, makers, influencers, and experts of various kinds.

Instagram Filters: access the digital space through an IG filter that allows the user to walk through the space around him/her for a unique and personalized visit experience. To complete the experience, there will be animated gifs to enrich their stories, which can be used by searching for them in the appropriate section of the social network under the heading “dwdos” and “dos2020”

The organisers said: “DOS is a project launched with the city of Milan, the city that first of all allowed us to express ourselves as designers and that inspired us in the sharing of ideas and projects at an international level. 

In fact, the event has among the objectives that of bringing to the interior spaces the ‘tangible integration’ of virtual actions which to date had not yet found a place until now, where due to the health emergency, it is very suitable to create new projects and relationships. 

Considering the physical component irreplaceable, the direction we intend to take is through the so-called phygital practices, that concretely integrate the digital and the virtual in a physical context”.

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Design Open Spaces - stadium
Design Open Spaces’ phygital practices concretely integrate the digital and the virtual in a physical context
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