Wanders of the Emirates: Rixos Premium Dubai Hotel

While visiting Dubai Design Week, Patrick Abbattista, founder of DesignWanted, was invited by Rixos Premium Dubai Hotel to live in first person what it means to be hosted by a 5-star luxury hotel facing Dubai Marina

Dubai is an extreme city: the highest buildings of the planet scrape the sky while extreme architectures balance between functionality and aesthetics. Rixos Premium Dubai is a hotel that stands out in both senses through a unique structure made of two asymmetric towers, located in front of a tall-yet-low-profile skyline, right in Dubai Marina.

The majestic entrance, reminding me of the grand entryways to access the royal palace, guides the guests to a prestigious lounge area.

rixos premium dubai

Right in front, a massive windowpane opens up to a breath-taking view of the sea, resembling the one of a pilot ready to take off with its plane towards an adventure in unexplored lands. Design-wise, details are extremely well thought, throughout interior spaces, furnishings, and accessories, but also in terms of service and proper-integration of other businesses inside the hotel structure.

This quest for consistency and seamless combination of a wide diversity of elements and services brings the guests into a pleasant little universe.

rixos premium dubai

Besides the large windowpane mentioned above, what stroke me the most of Rixos Premium Dubai was the reception, the real portal to enter the Rixos world, as well as the stiff, solid, minimal corridors, always guiding the way in the building, and last-but-not-least: the room.

The single bedroom Deluxe Suite has a top-floor, breathtaking view right towards the openness of the sea, on top of the beach, observing the massive Dubai Eye – with a scale which is hard to process, unless you pass by with a boat. Beyond interior design and architectural considerations, the overall design of the customer journey at Rixos Premium Dubai is superb.

rixos premium dubai

The attention put towards the guests by the staff is tangible and genuine, to the point that everyone seems to remember your face and name.

Moreover, the multiple restaurants and entertainment venues located inside the hotel, offer a comprehensive menu of activities to fill one’s time and giving the chance to socialize with other guests.

The location of Rixos Premium Dubai within the city is also impressive: the sea-side district named JBR within Dubai Marina offers great tourist attractions and different sorts of entertainment, leaving any other spot in the city at a walking distance.

rixos premium dubai

Rixos Premium Dubai is a complete hotel, where architecture, interior design, and services are finely-tuned to the tiniest detailed to provide an unforgettable and spotless user-experience. Technology supports this mission without ever resulting to be intrusive, but silently integrating into the overall experience.

Rixos Premium Dubai is a safe harbor, a place to spend some quality holiday time and visit everything Dubai has to offer within minutes.

This hotel is also a starting point to discover the multiple fascinating sides of an ever-evolving city, not afraid to combine diversity and strong contrasts with a great innovative spirit and energy towards creativity and innovation.

rixos premium dubai

On a personal note, I thank all the staff of the hotel for their warm and welcoming attitude, and special-ly Stephanie Khouy, PR Manager of the Rixos Premium Dubai, who gave me the unique chance to visit the hotel and get to know it through the eyes of a passionate insider.


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