Shaped by Design: integrating not only people, but also their surroundings

ID.Exe emerges as the pioneering district established by D.O.S. (Design Open Spaces), aimed at amplifying the voices of various design identities that struggle to find their expression during Milan Design Week.

In its fourth iteration, ID.Exe 2024 adopts the theme “Shaped by Design,” offering a fresh perspective on our understanding of design by weaving together elements of innovation and sustainability. From April 15 to 21, 2024, Milan will transform into a vibrant showcase. This exhibition, spread throughout the city’s fabric, narrates how design intersects with various domains, propelled by technology and innovation.

The theme: Shaped by Design

The idea is to delve into the transformative power of design in a world where virtual and social realities converge. This theme underscores how design and digital technology are key catalysts for urban evolution and the reimagining of spaces. The initiative seeks to illuminate the profound role of design beyond aesthetics, showcasing its significance in driving forward-thinking changes across vital sectors like health, food, technology, mobility, education, finance, and sports.

Shaped by Design _ IDExe DOS Design Open Spaces _ Milan Design Week 2024
“Shaped by Design” by ID.Exe 2024, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces

Featuring a curated selection of projects, prototypes, and interactive exhibits, “Shaped by Design” invites attendees to explore the extensive reach of design’s impact and its potential to reshape our daily interactions. Beyond serving as an exhibition, this event is designed to foster engagement and education, offering workshops, talks, and discussions that enable participants to engage with designers and industry experts, enriching their understanding of design’s role in contemporary life.

ID.Exe 2024’s sneak peeks

Phygital Store: The Future of E-commerce

At Piazza Galvani, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces unveils the Phygital Store, a groundbreaking blend of physical presence and digital exploration. This exhibition redefines shopping by integrating augmented reality with physical design products and projects, offering a fluid transition between tangible and virtual experiences.

“Shaped by Design” by ID.Exe 2024, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces

Oasisquare: History of Forgotten Landscapes

This thought-provoking exhibit at Piazza Città di Lombardia, crafted in collaboration with Studio Giuseppe Tortato Architetti and featuring Kindof furniture, delves into humanity’s intricate bond with nature. Highlighted by Letizia Artioli’s ‘CLIMATE ENTITY 002’, it urges visitors to confront the impacts of climate change and the importance of proactive environmental conservation. Oasisquare serves as a compelling call to cherish and protect our natural legacy for future generations.

Un Passo Avanti

Originating from Paola Silva Coronel, this innovative exhibit for Courmayeur Design week-end transforms the town center’s shop windows into a showcase of women’s pivotal role in design. With 30 red objects, each with its unique significance, chosen by industry professionals, it honors the female contributions that shape our designed world, displayed at the Lombardy Region headquarters.

“Shaped by Design” by ID.Exe 2024, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces

Peripheral Design

Focused on rejuvenating Milan’s outer districts, this exhibition demonstrates design’s power to spark social change and urban revitalization. By facilitating collaborations between companies and ‘peripheral’ designers and artists, it aims to enhance life quality in neglected areas, offering new perspectives on design’s social impact, featuring works in Niguarda and Cimiano by designers such as Selenia Marinelli and Barbara Pollini, with exhibition design by Milo Mussini and curation by Teo Sandigliano of Wevux.

Pixel Activators

This digital-meets-physical exhibit unfolds across Milan via augmented reality, enabled by strategically placed Pixel Activators. Visitors experience a novel exhibition model, merging real-world locations with virtual interactions. Without the need for app downloads, the exhibition leverages web-based augmented reality, inviting visitors to engage with and personalize their journey through design, facilitated by an easily accessible and shareable web link.

Shaped by Design _ IDExe DOS Design Open Spaces _ Milan Design Week 2024
“Shaped by Design” by ID.Exe 2024, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces

To round off the event, a sequence of discussions focusing on design and innovation will take place in the Sala Testori within the Palazzo della Regione.

Innovation meets Sustainability

The exhibitions at ID-EXE 2024 go beyond celebrating design’s aesthetic and functional qualities, diving into sustainable material utilization and the advocacy of eco-friendly practices. This embodies a profound allegiance to the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), paving the way for a future where design plays a crucial role in global sustainability efforts.

Shaped by Design _ IDExe DOS Design Open Spaces _ Milan Design Week 2024
“Shaped by Design” by ID.Exe 2024, D.O.S. Design Open Spaces

“Shaped by Design” delves into design’s transformative impact on our everyday lives, fostering a comprehensive dialogue around innovation, sustainability, and social accountability across various fields.

Continuing the practice from the previous year, the 2023 edition will see the repurposing of most equipment used, including those for indoor displays and outdoor stickers, through a partnership with the start-up “Non si butta via niente”. This initiative will transform recovered materials into new creations, turning waste into valuable resources.


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