Veiled Solar Charger is the world’s first wooden solar charger

Veiled Group introduces Veiled Solar Charger (“VSC”), an innovative design of portable solar technology matching product performance, with a high-end minimalist design aesthetic.

The project – the group’s first product – is the result of a 28-month study and research.



Veiled Solar Charger seamlessly retains all quality functions of traditional solar chargers, but introduces improved specifications in terms of:

  • battery performance during solar charging
  • maximum sun exposure
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • unique material adding style and sophistication to the genre

Veiled Group has set its way to succeed by captivating the world with a product that can enrich people’s lives, constituting an indispensable gadget in your everyday activities.

With VSC, we’ve introduced a device which combines a wide range of characteristics and an entirely new, user-friendly design that’s destined to be used on every occasion on a daily basis.”


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The collection comes in two wood shades, accommodating the differing styles of its users.

Taking advantage of its dual charging feature, Veiled Solar Charger can be used during all seasons of the year.

It is equipped with an internal battery that enables it to act as a battery pack charged by either direct electricity or solar energy.

Also, it accommodates two USB ports for charging two devices at the same time and one USB C port for charging from the wall socket.

Full charging through electricity is maximum 6 hours and officially full charging through direct sunlight is 25 hours.

However, the company says that due to the low coefficient of wood, the device does not overheat and therefore the battery retains a moderate temperature allowing it to charge on optimal levels.

VSC starts charging automatically when placed in sunlight and automatically stops charging your devices when full, thereby avoiding damage to your device’s battery by overcharging it.


veiled solar charger - kickstarter


Upon connecting the product with the accompanied cable on your device you press the ON button to start charging your device.

Upon completion of your charging needs or by simply disconnecting your device the charger turns off automatically.

VSC allows you to interact conveniently with the world around you; no more carrying your wall charger with you, or being plugged next to the wall at the airport.

Veiled Solar Charger can adhere not only to your phone’s charging needs, but also to your tablet’s, GoPro camera’s, or ipod’s.

It helps you be more active throughout the day.

The 1-meter-long cable gives you the freedom you need to use VSC from within your backpack while texting or even cycling, and does not pose an additional weight, at 387 grams.

Veiled Group delivers your solar charger in a safe well-designed packaging box which includes:

  • a 1-meter-long charging cable of your choice
  • a USBC to USB A adaptor in case you lose your charging cable
  • an instructions manual
  • a wall-charger for those rainy days


veiled solar charger - kickstarter campaign


A high-end product experience and a personalized customer support

Our aim is to provide our customers with a quality that is better than it has to be, and this is our principle in everything we do.”

The energy transition into sustainable sources will soon not just be a lifestyle choice.

It is this more conscious and more considerate mentality that Veiled Group supports by redefining how a solar charger functions and looks, enabling you to set it in the landscape of your home as a device that helps all others.

Pricing & Availability

Veiled Solar Charger is currently featuring in the Kickstarter platform and the estimated delivery time is set to be April, 2018 just in time for some good weather.

For more information:

Or simply visit their Kickstarter campaign!

veiled solar charger - kickstarter campaign


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