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A new era of home heating: The SOLUS+ smart radiator

Swiss heating specialist Koleda has reimagined the electric heater from the ground up with the revolutionary SOLUS+ radiator.

The SOLUS+ is the latest in Koleda’s collection of infrared heating panels, which offer a sleek, modern and efficient option for heating in the home and in commercial spaces.

It rejects the inefficiency and ineffectiveness of traditional home heating systems in favour of a sleek, streamlined approach. Constructed with premium materials, the SOLUS+ has been engineered with comfort and style in mind—it has a total thickness of only 10mm and only weighs 4.5kg, which reinvents the radiator concept by replacing traditionally bulky designs, which are fixed in one place, with a ‘plug and play’ set up that can be moved from place to place.

Moreover, its design makes it super transportable featuring a lightweight tempered glass, which gives the heater a sleek aesthetic. As with all of Koleda’s heaters, the SOLUS+ contains Koleda’s patent-pending heating compound, which enables it to heat quickly and cost-effectively, whilst maintaining its eco-friendly credentials.

Users can also download the KOLEDA Fovi app to control their home’s heating remotely, featuring an easy-to-use interface to match the product’s design.

Sleek, chic and super efficient

Whilst most traditional central heating systems use convection heaters, meaning that they use convection currents to spread heat, Koleda’s SOLUS+ works using an infrared heater, which means that it heats your room directly, making it 30% more cost-efficient than traditional radiators.

It’s revolutionising the home heating industry in an age of increasing concerns around climate change and the costs of living.

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