Spazio Pesca – your new milanese creative hub with a collaborative soul

Step inside this contemporary polymorph location designed by Greta Cevenini featuring an exhibition space, office, meeting room, photographic studio and kitchen



With summer 2023 marking its third birthday – creative reality Studio Pesca by Benedetta Gambino opens its new space Spazio Pesca nestled in the heart of the liveliest milanese district Paolo Sarpi and designed by interior architect, set designer and stylist Greta Cevenini

Born in 2020, Studio Pesca seamlessly embodies endless talents – from art direction to content production, graphic design, web development, social media, editorial projects and events as well as collaborates with one-of-a-kind brands in the fashion, design, food & beverage and luxury sectors. 

A creative hub to host events and projects in collaboration with realities that are diverse but akin – this refreshing multifunctional location features an exhibition space, office, meeting room, photographic studio and kitchen effortlessly reflecting Milan’s magical contemporary soul becoming an almost, but not completely, blank canvas.

Spazio Pesca
Spazio Pesca

Innovatively incorporating the content production side of the work to a photographic studio – “as a creative studio it’s important to express our flair in all areas that accord with our nature, from curating a convivial occasion to forging artistic collaborations!” shares Gambino.

An intimate vision reflected in a clear and defined aesthetic harmoniously weaved together with extravagant pieces that symbolize the desire to always push a little further – this space is a renovated apartment close to the street with an “old Milan” imprint.

Despite the classic-looking box, the premise forms an out-of-the-ordinary composition – eclectic combinations and alternations of contrasting colors, materials and elements live together to narrate the story of the intriguing Spazio Pesca

Spazio Pesca
Spazio Pesca

Upon stepping in, an alluring bright bold acid green clads the entrance as well as the exhibition space leading to a reaction of ‘what’s going on?’ and ‘where am I?’.

Opted by Cevenini, all shades of the paints from the partner Sikkens instantly recall the Studio’s aesthetics – the common spaces dedicated to events and collaborations are drenched in energetic tones while for the areas dedicated to the office, meeting room and kitchen comprise non-invasive soothing hues. 

This same duality led the choice of materials with intriguing elements such as – the mirrored metal of a table and stools designed by architect Sofia Albrigo, the plastic of the curtains replacing the doors as well as the acid green enamel finish that coexists with the parquet and the warmer and more textural colors of the other walls.

Spazio Pesca
Spazio Pesca

The same logic of differentiation was further adopted for the choice of furnishings as Cevenini selected as partners like-minded brands that could complete the spaces according to their particular expertise. 

For instance – Alias and its Spaghetti Chairs that are a timeless design and easily adaptable to diverse environments; or Lapalma, for everything related to office seatings; the island-kitchen by ZeroGloss, a strong decorative element as well as a functional one; Vesoi’s warm lights, beautifully adding a clean and not overly decorative graphic. 

Custom-made furnishings, on the other hand, are sculptural shapes that, instead of overloading, dialogue synergistically with the partners’ furnishings – such as the meeting room’s white table, designed by Cevenini herself, or the entrance’s steel table. 

Spazio Pesca
Spazio Pesca

Additionally contributing to the feeling of eccentricity – designer of floral arrangements Mariachiara Manelli crafted an enchanting site-specific installation in the shower space of the bathroom, specifically conceived for the inauguration.

“My wish was to narrate Studio Pesca and its imagery through the space; considering the nature of the studio’s work, I decided to base this narration on images!” Cevenini concludes.


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