Deeply interpreting the idea of light in its most essential form

Paolo Marasi Design Studio presents TER to satisfy needs from experimenting with materials to reducing energy waste and simplifying the production and distribution of an object

Paolo Marasi Design Studio introduces TER modular lamp at EDIT Napoli 2023 – beautifully interpreting the idea of light through a one-of-a-kind lighting piece.

TER modular lamp by Paolo Marasi Design Studio
TER modular lamp by Paolo Marasi Design Studio

After graduating from Polytechnic of Milan in Innovation Design and Product Design, he went on to open his own studio-laboratory where together with his team he deals with product making focused on essential and non-conformist design.

With the essential crafted through design and research into the unconventional – “Design starts from reducing the universe of things to its minimum terms. We want to attribute new values ​​to everyday objects by questioning the relationships between the elements. Sustainability is achieved thanks to the choice of materials and when products are made to have a minimal environmental impact at every stage of creation!” shares Marasi.

TER by Paolo Marasi Design Studio
TER modular lamp by Paolo Marasi Design Studio

TER lamp stems from satisfying concrete and current needs such as experimenting with second-generation materials, enhancing raw materials, reducing energy waste and constantly focusing on simplifying the production and distribution of an object.

The name is rooted from the TER system’s innovative utilization of the number ‘three’ in its eclectic structure and design.

So what is light and how can it be represented in an everyday object? – “light is something intangible that radiates into space, yet, its intangible quality reveals the essence of touched products. This characteristic results in this extremely light object with a hyper-essential metal skeleton that supports the light triangular diffuser!” he adds. 

TER by Paolo Marasi Design Studio
TER modular lamp by Paolo Marasi Design Studio

At first, the sequence of these elements makes TER possible to delineate not only a totemic and voluminous but also an extremely light piece – perceivable as full or empty – depending on the point of observation.

Additionally, the second concept around which TER modular lamp develops is the primitiveness of light, more precisely, the synthetic representation of the primordial moment in which man became in control of illumination through fire.

“The turning point of our evolution is related to three essential elements-the triptych necessary for combustion – the substance capable of igniting, the oxidizing one (such as oxygen) and the ignition!” says Marasi.

Most simply and schematically – the three elements are embodied and found in the triangular shape of the lamp module, which is seamlessly placed in a more or less extended sequence allowing for unlimited configurations, making the system effortlessly suitable for any space.


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