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A life-like illuminating object? Meet The Pink Robots Won

Attempting to convey a living entity while at the same time functioning as a free-standing floor lamp – Marcelo Suro crafts The Pink Robots Won.

‘The Pink Robots Won’ crafted by Marcelo Suro artistically attempts to convey a cute living entity while at the same time performs and functions as a free-standing floor lamp, which in some cases can be perceived as an inanimate and lifeless object. 

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico – Marcelo currently resides between Guadalajara and New York.

The Pink Robots Won by Marcelo Suro
© Marcelo Suro

His innovative work brilliantly consists of eye-catching products ranging from one-of-a-kind small tabletop lamps to floor lamps, chandeliers as well as vases.

“I simply utilize certain typologies to push the technical boundaries of what ‘can be done’ with traditional ceramic techniques while perpetuating a frozen state of transmutation and instability. 

A moment in which ambiguity takes over, laying the grounds for personal interpretations – are these growing or are they collapsing, is this stable or is it falling?” says Marcelo Suro.

© Marcelo Suro

The Pink Robots Won, a playful illuminating object in a mélange of refreshingly soothing pastel hues is at first, seamlessly slip cast in low-temperature ceramic. 

Additionally, it’s then skillfully glazed further in monochromatic tonalities to effortlessly accentuate the three different parts and elements that compose this extraordinary eclectic piece.

The Pink Robots Won by Marcelo Suro
© Marcelo Suro

Marcelo Suro was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently resides in Savannah GA where he is enrolled in the Industrial Design Program at Savannah College of Arts and Design.

In 2018, Marcelo was Awarded the Linterna Award at Campamento Design Fair for his Abeam lamps.


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