Venice Innovation Design – This year’s guest of honor is architect Mario Cucinella

The event, now in its fourth edition, will be held from June 30th to July 2nd, 2023, and will be attended by over 120 architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and journalists

VID – Venice Innovation Design is the event that accompanies the urban regeneration process of the island of San Servolo, in Venice, owned by the Metropolitan City of Venice, a ten-minute vaporetto ride from St. Mark’s Square.

This year’s guest of honor is architect Mario Cucinella. Another novelty is the expansion of the exhibition part, bringing the number of participating companies from 6 to 15. Young companies wishing to exhibit in Venice during the Architecture Biennale still have time to apply by writing to the VID secretary general, Pierluigi Masini, at this email:


The Venice International University (VIU), the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies, and the Experimental Cinematography Center Foundation of Rome are located on the island of San Servolo. The island’s congress structure has numerous rooms of various sizes (from 20 to 240 seats), all excellently equipped.

The island of San Servolo

The island also has over 170 rooms, some used as guest rooms and others renovated with sustainability interventions carried out by important companies in the furniture industry. The latest interventions were signed by architect Alfonso Femia.

In recent years, the island of San Servolo has set an important goal: to become a sustainable island. That is why the Metropolitan City of Venice is investing resources in terms of energy supply from renewable sources.


Last year, the City Council unanimously approved the construction of a photovoltaic system, on canopies and also with walkable panels, whose work will be completed by 2023 and which will cover one-third of the island’s energy needs.

What happens at Venice Innovation Design?

Along with interventions and round tables, the exhibition of company case histories, convivial meetings, including a gala dinner, the event is enriched with an exhibition area where about fifteen selected designers and startups present their results in terms of innovative materials, production processes, upcycling, and use of secondary materials with free admission to the public on Saturday and Sunday.

A jury of journalists will award a prize to the most innovative startup.

Venice Innovation Design 2023 – Mario Cucinella

VID is a “residential trade fair space” where exhibitors can stay for three days on the island and be in close contact with the over 100 industry professionals who will be on the island over the weekend to participate in VID.

A sound opportunity for exhibitors

Exhibitors will have the opportunity, between a seminar and a shared dinner, to showcase services, present products, and tell their entrepreneurial story. The program of meetings includes periodic visits to the exhibition space.

Venice Innovation Design 2023 – Mario Cucinella

Participants in VID, invited to stay on the island, are selected for their professionalism and charisma, for the entrepreneurial history they represent, and for the innovative projects they are pursuing.

A potentially very important audience of people and professionals for Venice Innovation Design exhibitors who will have the opportunity, in a more direct form than usual, to relate to them.


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