Visionnaire explores a new dimension of luxury with latest campaign

Inside the frescoed rooms of this fifteenth-century villa, the meta-luxury brand created its latest campaign, Beauty Tales, highlighting its unique approach to Italian craftsmanship.

Visionnaire has unveiled a new theatrical campaign in the Wunderkammer, at the brand’s Design Gallery in Milan. Called Beauty Tales, a dramatic interplay of light and dark defines the fifteenth-century atmosphere inside Villa Arconati, which is known as the “petite Versailles of Italienne” located just outside of Milan where the striking images were shot.

Under the artistic direction of Eleonore Cavalli, Beauty Tale continues the visual storytelling and iconographic imagery that she started with Everyday Evocative, the advertisement campaign created two years ago in the same location.

In celebration of the brand’s continued success, theatrical techniques draw focus to the workmanship and material beauty of the collection, which decorate the villa’s frescoed rooms once again.

Ten tales of daily extraordinary nature, with a selection of the brand’s stand-out designs, are interwoven with Max Zambelli’s dreamlike photography. They include Marco Morandini’s set styling, enriched by the inclusion of elements in contrast to the nature of the location: large transparent veils mimic moving wings that interact with the classicism of the wall paintings, plant arrangements inside the rooms create unexpected scenarios, and unique handcrafted ceramic pieces, which formed part of the “Sedimento” Wunderkammer exhibition, add a final decorative touch.

Visionnaire explores a new dimension of luxury, in which true uniqueness lies in personal imaginative power and freedom of representation, sublimated in the video-film dedicated to the campaign directed by Luca Noris with music by Thomas Costantin.

Who said furniture isn’t art? Visionnaire interrogates the relationship between art and design to create collectible ‘objects of desire’.

This photographic project highlights Visionnaire’s long-established Italian network through a curated selection of the brand’s finest pieces. The protagonists are the Babylon Rack living room sofa, the Ultrasound bed, Kerwan and Arkady dining room tables by Alessandro La Spada, the Bastian sofa by Mauro Lipparini, Amos dining room table by Draga&Aurel, Basket seating family and the Ilario sofa by Marco Bonelli and Marijana Radovic (aka m2atelier), the Aracea family of lamps by Gupica, and the Pavone throne by Marc Ange.

“The dialogue between art and design is very current for us,” said the brand’s art director Eleonore Cavalli, “We live in a special relationship with art, which someone even defined as a trailblazer. We are one of the pioneers of this trend, getting energy from the contamination between music, dance, video and sculpture with particular attention to craftsmanship excellence and strictly Italian production. Our collections are intertwined with the research of numerous artists who contribute to the multiplicity of languages of objects and furnishings.”

Visionnaire’s collection presented at Milan Design Week 2021 took inspiration from nature with a “leafy” lighting installation at Alcova.

The Aracea lamp by Gupica, for example, draws inspiration from lianas, a long-stemmed, woody vine that climbs around other plants, and the Basket seating series by m2atelier takes its conceptual cue from the idea of a handmade necklace, reflecting the sartorial quality inherent in Visionnaire’s work.

Reference is also paid to the brand’s historic collections, namely Marc Ange’s peacock-inspired chairs—on the wall, a vibrant peacock showcases artist Michele Astolfi’s work, made using hand-painted glass and Swarovski crystals. Meanwhile, hand-painted watercolour portraits by artist Domenico Grenci decorate the back of Astrid chairs.

To enhance the brand’s meta-luxury ideals, Visionnaire has invited four fashion designers to exhibit their own work as part of the exhibition, with the guidance of stylists Fabio Sasso and Juan Caro from Italian studio Leitmotiv.

It includes elegant garments from emerging talents Samuele Di Rocco, Roberta Moro, Adele Piredda and Erica Pezzoli whose pieces echo Visionnaire’s innovative approach to material innovations and bespoke craftsmanship.

To mark the campaign, Visionnaire is presenting a special staging of Beauty Tales at Wunderkammer, the brand’s design gallery in the Milan showroom. It includes shots from backstage, the exhibition of tailored clothes exclusively made for the project and a short film capturing the “making-of” the campaign.

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