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In 2024, Visionnaire celebrates its twentieth anniversary. Among the collaborations established to honor the Italian brand, the company highlights its partnership with designer Matteo Cibic.

An iconic brand renowned for its globally recognizable style, Visionnaire Home Philosophy marks its 20th anniversary by entrusting Matteo Cibic with creating new inspirations. Highlights include the Siona furniture collection and surreal artworks crafted from Carrara marble.

Matteo Cibic, an Italian transmedia artist and designer, is renowned for his whimsical and anthropomorphic creations that perfectly merge functionality and luxury. His work seamlessly blends art and design, resulting in a distinctive hybrid style. Whether crafting an object with a dual purpose or a playful sculptural piece, Cibic’s creations consistently evoke a sense of fantasy.

The Siona furniture collection includes a bar cabinet and a low cabinet, each distinguished by a sculptural base crafted from antiqued brass.

Siona furniture collection _ bar unit by Matteo Cibic for Visionnaire Home Philosophy
© Visionnaire Home Philosophy

Imagine a meticulously designed piece of furniture, drawing inspiration from the avant-garde aesthetics of 1970s Italian automotive design. This creation is characterized by bold, rounded edges that evoke the era’s emphasis on fluidity and innovation. Its square brass base not only provides visual contrast but also symbolizes a harmonious blend of strength and refinement, reflecting the engineering mastery found in the iconic cars of that time.” says the designer.

Regarding the panels crafted from Carrara marble for Visionnaire Home Philosophy‘s Nomad Collection, Cibic emerges as a modern alchemist of forms, an artisan of mystery and charm. He created panels that evoke the scrolls of Moses or the tablets of Sumerian scribes. In these creations, a new code emerges, filled with enigmatic suggestions and meticulously depicting fragments of futuristic interiors and details of plants born from a Candrian explosion.

Panels made with Carrara Marble by Matteo Cibic for Visionnaire Home Philosophy
© Visionnaire Home Philosophy

His works are both marvelous and cryptic, detailed objects that reveal only a portion of the universe, balancing between the incomprehensible and the surprisingly familiar. Drawing inspiration from the Rosetta Stone, Humboldt’s vibrant annotations, and Darwin’s evolutionary visions, with a touch of the grandeur reminiscent of Trajan’s Column, Cibic shapes a surreal collection of fossils and artifacts of the future. In this artistic reverie, past, present, and future blend into a captivating enigma. The bas-reliefs for Visionnaire Home Philosophy’s Nomad collection are carved on slabs made from Carrara marble powder.


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