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New WOOD-SKIN collection expands the Fold Panels system

Composed of three different lines: A-gami, O-gami and U-gami, WOOD-SKIN presents a new collection of panels that make it possible to create unique three-dimensional coverings with just a few clicks.

A leader in the parametric creation of systems for complex surfaces, WOOD-SKIN now offers panels and products with a completely new design and purchasing experience through digital fabrication and the power of online design tools.

With the Composer tool, once inserted the measurements of walls or ceiling, the tool allows to combine, juxtapose, and orient the panels to create a preview of the preferred composition. For the finish, users can then choose among the laminates, metals, and veneers in the collection and proceed with the order directly online.

The Configurator is an advanced digital tool that enables to intuitively model the form and aesthetic characteristics of the panels at will, thanks to the use of parametric sliders. The configurator allows to push beyond the logic of the standard product and adapt the Fold Panels to any creative need, obtaining truly unique results.

The WOOD-SKIN team sought inspiration for the new Fold Panels in the folds and textures of nature, the original starting point for the brand’s identity, which we now pursue even more intensively, thanks in part to the collaboration of creative director Michela Alquati.

A-gami, O-gami, and U-gami, whose extraordinary plasticity translates natural geometries into mathematical expression, create comfort and privacy to enhance any space, without ever neglecting the ideal relationship between form and function.

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WOOD-SKIN Panels - A-gami 2
A-gami Ma panel

Thanks to the repetition and scalability of the modules, the geometries of the new Fold Panels allow you to create infinite configurations and apply them to multiple purposes. The result is a product that tells a story in the elegant, carefully measured language of fine design.

The new Fold Panels lines are compatible with the specifications of the WOOD-SKIN digital process, which allows for perforation patterns of variable density that enable you to create areas with specific acoustic performance and aesthetic identity. The sound-absorbing materials affixed to the back of each module follow the form of the overall composition organically, resulting in a system that changes according to the acoustic needs of the project.

WOOD-SKIN Panels - O-gami teal composition
O-gami To panel

The option of choosing among various precious materials allows the realization of site-specific installations that feature wooden textures, iridescent metal surfaces, or volumes with uniform solid colors. All the materials used in WOOD-SKIN systems are FSC® certified and come from a guaranteed supply chain.

Delivery times vary from a minimum of 3 weeks for immediately available materials and up to 6 weeks for special materials. Once ordered, the panels are delivered to the building site in flat packaging along with a prefabricated frame structure and complete instructions that make them especially easy to install on a wall or ceiling in just a few steps.

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