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Yuan chair: its pattern resembles a coin in ancient china

The Yuan chair is currently under production using 3d printing technique.

The Yuan Chair is a collection inspired from traditional Chinese porcelain drum stool, designed by Koren Sin & Kirin Leung.

Taking the drum stool’s simple form, the Yuan Chair was designed with a twist of modern parametric style.

Yuan Chair

The name Yuan(元) means money in Chinese. It also has the same pronunciation as Circle(圓) or Perfection(完) in Cantonese as well.

The patterning on the chair resembles a coin in ancient China.

The Yuan Chair by Kirin+lab represents wealth and fortune which was a common motif in traditional Chinese furniture.

The parametric coin pattern morphs and flow in such a way that it offers a new interpretation of the old porcelain one.

Yuan Chair

The dynamic expression represents a flux of fusion between the East and West, traditional and innovation, Yin and Yang.

It is currently under production using 3d printing technique.


What is Parametric Design?

…is a design method where features are shaped according to algorithmic processes, in contrast to being designed directly” says Wikipedia.

The Yuan Chair is a great example of parametric approach to design, where new forms and textures are made possibile thank to robots.

On DesignWanted, we extensively talk about 3D printing as the opportunity for design companies, not just makers, to redefine their products and better integrate them with new technologies.

Where robots meet artisans, there is a new land to discover in terms of production and sustainability.

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