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A growing trend: enjoy these 10 biophilic furniture designs

Creating furniture in 2022 is not just about looks. Get acquainted with these awe-inspiring designs that embrace the biophilic trend at its best

Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of biophilic furniture.

Design trends come and go, but there are some that deserve our attention for a reason.

Biophilia, which once used to be an interest for just a few, has now become an international movement.

The architectural and interior design concept aims to connect more closely with nature and reap its health and environmental benefits. 

The biophilic design comes from the term biophilia, which means a love of nature and all living things.

Although it is a relatively new concept, the ideas of biophilic design are becoming more and more popular as designers and architects are bringing together elements such as wood, natural light, and plants into their projects.

To truly understand all the applications of biophilic design, it is essential to look into its history and philosophy.

Biophilic design seeks to connect our inherent biological need to partner with nature in an artificially created environment. 

So how can you do this?

By incorporating natural elements into the framework of modern architecture and design.

Much research has already been done to confirm biophilic design’s ability to make everyday life more pleasant and even happier. 

1. Cocoon chair by Cox and Cox

This cocoon armchair, made from lightweight rattan with a beautiful open weave and elegant round shape, will be a great accent in any living space.

10 biophilic furniture designs
© Cocoon Chair by Cox and Cox

Each chair has a metal base on four legs and a loop at the top for hanging from the ceiling.

To complete the look, combine it with your choice’s curly sheepskin leather. 

2. Liana wardrobe by Made and Sebastian Cox

Looking for a wardrobe that is simple yet stylish? This may be the perfect pick for you.

In fact, Liana is a prime example of modern woodworking. 

Made in collaboration with renowned design studio Sebastian Cox, this two-piece cabinet’s smooth, curved edges give it a timeless aesthetic.

© Liana rattan wardrobe by Made and Sebastian Cox

The warm ash and rattan cabinet is a simple but effective statement piece.

While it may seem soft from the outside, it is actually quite strong, as it is made from natural timber ash.

3. Nadia double bed by Habitat

The Nadia double bed, made from natural rattan fabric, combines rattan stalks of different thicknesses to create a light, airy design with a distinctive shape.

10 biophilic furniture designs
© Nadia double bed by Habitat

Biophilic furniture often includes rattan – a highly durable material that is surprisingly resistant to most damage.

This double bed is no exception.

Rattan furniture is known to be more long-lasting than wooden or plastic furniture and is very light, meaning it can be easily relocated.

4. Ho Aco coffee table by Jiun Ho Furniture

A striking functional element of biophilic design, this Ho Aco coffee table, with its curved converging texture details and blackened bronze legs, will be an excellent pick for both your office and home.

Interestingly, part of the process of casting the bronze is done by hand.

© Ha Aco coffee table by Jiun Ho Furniture

All Jiun Ho Furniture bronze pieces are artisan-made, so you should expect small air pocket imperfections, which somehow, add to the beauty of the pieces.

The Ho Aco coffee table really is a work of art – a functional sculpture you want to live with daily.

5. Teak Root Floating Vanity by Indigenous

Another beautiful example of biophilic furniture is this stunning floating vanity unit.

10 biophilic furniture designs
© Teak Root Floating Vanity by Indigenous

Rich in shape and texture, it adds a rustic element to the interior and can be combined with modern basins for an eclectic look.

The story behind the design is fascinating too.

This floating vanity is crafted using the roots of fallen teak trees, which are typically burned or thrown away, showcasing that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

6. Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair – Cherry by Vermont Woods Studios

The most comfortable rocking chair you will ever use!

This eco-friendly quilted Vermont rocking chair is the perfect gift for mums-to-be or anyone who needs a soothing, luxurious, and comfortable rest at the end of a long day. 

© Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair by Vermont Woods Studios

Designed and made by Vermont craftsmen, the frame and seat of this premium solid wood rocking chair resemble a quilted cushion – it is surprisingly supple and provides impressive support. 

7. Ascent Seating by Green Furniture Concept

True to its name, Ascent is a seating system that takes public furniture to new heights. 

Developed in consultation with architects and planners, the goal of the series was to create a flexible, modular system that can change and adapt as the environment changes. 

Moreover – the design also supports a longer use cycle.

10 biophilic furniture designs
© Ascent seating by Green Furniture Concept

The Ascent toolbox includes several individual modules, which can be put together in different ways.

That means the furniture piece can be easily moved between spaces.

Designed with landscaping in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, sleek textures, and sustainable wooden seating make the interior of public spaces warmer and more comfortable.

8. Wormley Side Table

Modern furniture that doesn’t shout for attention – this is how you can best describe the work of American furniture designer Edward Wormley.

His side table is no exception. 

© Wormley side table by Edward Wormley

The impressive design features an expertly crafted tubular ring structure, a hallmark of metalworking craftsmanship, which supports a clear glass table top. 

Some of the tubes are cut vertically to form a leg that rests on a round brass base made of mirrored glass.

Wormley‘s side table is the perfect centerpiece for engineering minds.

9. Hudson Armchair

Many classic design pieces, like this Hudson Armchair, also follow the principles of biophilic furniture.

With its leather upholstery and impressive body structure, produced in solid walnut wood, it doesn’t just look good, it also feels right.

10 biophilic furniture designs
© Hudson Chair

So whether you wish to relax after a stressful day or start your morning by immersing yourself in an exciting book, the Hudson Armchair won’t disappoint you.

10. Bauhaus Rug

Last (but not least) on our list is the Bauhaus Carpet.

Full of history and made using noble materials and sophisticated techniques, it will be an excellent addition to any interior.

The designs of the company’s rugs are based on the German avant-garde movement.

As you may know, the Bauhaus was one of the largest and most important expressions of so-called modernism in design and architecture.

Bauhaus’ rugs seem to embody the same timeless and modern aesthetics of the movement. 

© Bauhaus Rug

Pick a color and a pattern – the collection includes the work of many bold and modern designs, which will make your home a more playful place.

As humans, we crave a connection with nature. It is no surprise biophilic furniture is becoming so popular. 

Using ecological psychology as a starting point, architects and designers follow the principles of biophilic design to strengthen this important relationship, especially in cities with more limited access to nature.

So add a touch of nature to your home and experience the positive effects yourself!


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