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From product design, to fashion, to interiors, he is the multifaceted poet of design

Working in over 40 countries, with more than 4000 designs in production and over 300 awards won, Karim Rashid could be for the design world the record man of numbers and calculations. One of the most prolific industrial designers ever.

Born in Cairo and raised in Canada, Karim Rashid studied in Italy and lives in New York, where he runs his private studio: a real citizen of the world, his creativity declines in interiors, lighting, fashion, furniture and even books.

Surprisingly enough, he happens to be a man of poetry and spirit, as well as the self-proclaimed founder of the ‘sensual minimalism’, a creative movement that aims to foster positive emotions in the consumer and create furniture that makes people feel at ease.

© Karim Rashid

Karim is the poet of colored plastic design and straightforward persona. As one of his bestseller books claims, he wants to change the world, one curve at the time with design as a catalyst for improvement.

Garbo waste can

Can you make garbage sexy? Well, Karim Rashid could, more than two million times since 1996, and in a variety of bold colors.

Karim Rashid - Garbo waste can
© Karim Rashid

Made for Umbra and named taking inspiration by Greta Garbo’s silhouette in a strapless gown, Garbo wastebasket is found today in design exhibitions around the world and in millions of homes too, thanks to its combination of affordability, simplicity and sleek modern elegance.

Morimoto Restaurant Philadelphia

Karim Rashid’s flair expands to the world of interior design in one of his most iconic and renowned projects.

Morimoto interior
© Karim Rashid

A long way from the squared aseptic style of conventional Japanese restaurants, Morimoto features large amorphous shapes and a curvy, undulating ceiling: Rashid respects the oriental fascination towards symmetry, awakening the senses in its own way, with colored glass tables and a long egg-shaped sculpture that emerges from a white plaster wall.

Nhow Hotel Berlin

Karim Rashid built his ultra-pop universe in this hotel; yet, at the same time, with its events, exhibitions and soirees, the place is the mirror of the modern zeitgeist that makes Berlin such a unique capital.

Karim Rashid - Nhow Hotel Berlin
© Karim Rashid

The whole building is equipped with furniture and amenities by the designer himself, the common areas feature sensuous sculptures, glass walls and inset lighting, not to mention the abundant use of Karim’s favorite colors: bright white and shocking pink, of course.

Karim Rashis’s light for Artemide

Rashid’s fluid design is especially visible in the contemporary lighting series that he designed for Artemide in 2013. 

Nearco pendant lamp
© Karim Rashid

The Nearco Pendant is available as a single element or as a group of overlapping pieces, in any case, the result is at the same time soft and modern. A striking element resembling the fickle shape of white oil poured into transparent water, levitating from the ceiling.

Oh chair

If you google “Oh Chair”, the first result will define this stackable modern chair as an artwork, whose use has been, since 1999, so wide and habitual. Representing another Rashid’s iconic creation for Umbra, the name of the chair comes from the sensation of cushy pleasure experienced when seated.

Oh chair by Karim Rashid

The best part? It’s a luxury item that costs less than 60 Euros: Oh!


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