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Emmanuel Popoteur’s fascinating PVC Chair is simply puzzled together with plastic pipes.

Pursuing a subtle balance in his work through design, art and music – multi-disciplinary artist and designer Emmanuel Popoteur based in the United States creates a one-of-a-kind ‘PVC Chair’.

PVC Chair by Emmanuel Popoteur
© Emmanuel Popoteur

Focusing on pieces of furniture fabricated from unorthodox materials while leaving behind his human fingerprint through intentional flaws – Popoteur strives for his work to reflect sheer harmony. 

Initially, the original inspiration for this stemmed from an entirely different thought process. 

This eclectic object started out as a skeleton for a chair that went by the name ‘Hand Me Down’ – the idea behind this was to drape hand-me-down clothes on a chair and pour resin on it.

However, with the aim of designing a chair without incorporating wood – led him to brilliantly craft this minimalistic and symmetrical PVC chair solely from white plastic pipes. 

PVC Chair by Emmanuel Popoteur
© Emmanuel Popoteur

“With months of trying to figure out how to make it work and monotonously cutting PVC by hand – I realized how much I love having restrictions.

Having one material and only 5 different connector pieces was complex but ironically – the most liberating experience” says Popoteur.

Finding solutions through limited constraints – he was able to design this mono-material functional chair using just five varying connector pieces that supports weight given PVC’s strength and durability. 

“It took me almost a year to bring the PVC Chair to life. Creating a balance and symmetry in the structure felt instinctual.

It all really depends on the project but it’s always on time. To me – good art is timeless” adds Popoteur.

© Emmanuel Popoteur
© Emmanuel Popoteur


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