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This Endless Garden Shelf marries structure with playfulness

Haus Otto’s oak wood shelving system is an ode to sustainability, longevity and deceleration.

Focusing on human sensibilities and shifting perception towards materiality, shapes and alternative ways of production – German-based studio Haus Otto introduces an eye-catching ‘Endless Garden Shelf’

Conceptually investigating the ecological, technological and social context of design and addressing the meaning of the word “slow” in this ever-changing and fast-paced world – this modular shelving system is unique and minimalistic. 

Endless Garden Shelf by Haus Otto
© Haus Otto

In contrast to today’s bustling urban cities that are characterized by industry and speed – rural regions evoke an image of tradition and simply slowing down.

“The fence is hence used as a representation of our sedentariness and thereby creates new spatial structures. It demarcates, unites and redefines our human living spaces again and again” says Patrick Henry Nagel and Nils Körner, founders Haus Otto

Exuding great form and function, this piece of warm wooden furniture is crafted keeping the environment in mind using brushed American red oak wood – a natural, sustainable and renewable material with a low carbon footprint.

This temperate hardwood not only brings definition but highlights the natural richness of this product. 

© Haus Otto

“The associative and playful approach to the motif of the fence as a symbol of a romanticizing idyll of home ownership creates new scope for interpretation, drawing on original and simplistic woodworking techniques” they add.

This contemporary object is based on a fragment of the fence that can be expanded through both vertical and horizontal multiplication to grow with and adapt to one’s changes.

The emphasis on the horizontal structure, through the interlocking connecting elements, thereby creates an impression of infinity.

Endless Garden Shelf by Haus Otto
© Haus Otto
© Haus Otto


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