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Rust can become an asset if you know how to use it properly

The Japanese Studio YUMAKANO has a fascinating take on furniture design, here some extraordinary examples

What if we saw rust as a tool instead of a problem? Japanese Studio YUMAKANO has created a unique design collection that aims to do precisely that. 

When you hear the word ‘rust’, what first pops into your mind is most likely negative. The prevention of rust is something the whole world has to deal with.

Taking a closer look at the stunning patterns and complex colors of rust, they offer several experimental objects. Here’s an introduction to their unique work.

Rust Collecting

How can you collect rust? The work of studio YUMAKANO is an experimental project focused on this question. In the design process, the team came up with an idea to convert the destructive force behind it into an expression of creative uniqueness.

If one looks closely at the studio’s work, one sees that rust uncovers a collection of startlingly excellent designs and complex blends of color. 

In this project, the creative team took the time to collect items with different rust textures. Through experimentation, they discovered that acrylic resin, once applied to a rusted surface and peeled off, can help transfer the rust. They then used this technique to get rust from different environments.

Rust furniture design collection by Studio Yumakano (3)

Rust Harvest

Rust Harvest‘ is the final stage of the experimental design venture. The result of the hard-working team is a collection of rust-made furniture. What makes them so unique is the way light refracts through the thickness of the resin. That, in turn, creates a mysterious effect, which makes you feel as if you’re looking at an unknown planet’s soil.

The surprising combination of rust, metal, and acrylic offers furniture with a sculptural quality.

Rust Harvest|Rack

Part of the Rust Harvest furniture collection, the Rack boasts an earthlike look and enigmatic appearance. Using parts of the metals the rust came from allows the user to compare it to the form it had before. Thanks to the untreated sheets of metal, the team has achieved a raw look, which should last even after years have passed.

Rust Harvest|Low Table

Another piece of artistic beauty in the unusual collection is Low Table. The unique color combinations contrast and complement the gravity of the corroded look. Its surface is a smooth crystal. 

The stable, concrete foundation base carries the glass like a slab on the top. Materials used include acrylic resin, steel, aluminum, copper, and rust. 

Rust Harvest|Stool

One of the most remarkable objects within the collection is the Stool, which goes perfectly together with the design of the Low Table. Even in isolation, it will stand out in your room, becoming a centerpiece on its own. The concrete base and mirror-like surface complement each other, creating a balanced look.

Rust furniture design collection by Studio Yumakano (3)

Rust Harvest|Shelf

The Shelf is perhaps the most functional object of the furniture collection as it is a multipurpose piece. Unlike a simple bookshelf, the creation of Studio YUMAKANO has beauty as an inherent element in its design. It’s certainly something you wouldn’t expect from rust. But that’s what makes it so special.

Rust furniture design collection by Studio Yumakano (3)

Rust Harvest| Cabinet

Rust Harvest’s Cabinet is a cupboard that will be a great addition to any space. The natural color on the outer surface is incredible, and the iron feet securely position the glass-like Cabinet. This is a design piece that captures the attention of even the biggest aesthete.

Rust Harvest|Grid

Another favorite of the collection is Grid – a unique wall decoration that furthers the concept of a good design. It combines rust from different materials to create a mesmerizing color combination. The complex shades shine through the crystal-like surface. Made in 2020, it is the latest addition to the collection.

Rust furniture design collection by Studio Yumakano (3)

End notes

Using acrylic gel, the team of Studio YUMAKANO has managed to give a new life and meaning to rust. The creative process is as unique as the pieces created – it resembles an agricultural cycle. Exhibited at Milan Design Week and Experimental Creations in Tokyo, the collection ‘Rust Harvest’ is one to leave an impression.


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