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10 marble projects and Marmomac, one stone fair you don’t wanna miss

We are ready for Marmomac 2019, the 54th edition of the massive marble & stones attracting over 1’500 companies worldwide. To warm you up, we selected 10 interior projects to showcase the countless applications of this versatile and unique material.

Taking place between the 25th and 28th of September at Fiera di Verona, Marmomac 2019 will host thousands of professionals and companies operating in the stones industry, from producers of marble, granites, conglomerate & agglomerate stones to processing machinery, means of transportation and elevation, as well as tools and services covering each aspect of the sector.

In 2018 the stone industry reached over 18 billion transactions, where only Italy accounted for 4 billion of production value, 73% in export.

Marmomac facilitates connections and fosters education

The B2B speed-dating meetings between professionals in the industry offer precious chances of creating new business opportunities, while the Marmomac Academy this year will be focused on interior design and architecture: 3 workshops will cover specific uses of stones in interior projects explaining the unique characteristics of different materials and their applications.

Among the speakers, founder of DesignWanted Patrick Abbatista will present the latest trends involving marble and stones, as well as an analysis of the best practices on the digital landscape for interior design & architecture studios or professionals. 

Dive in our selection of projects highlighting the marvellous applications of marble and stones for interior spaces.

Pattern engraving – Marea by Elena Salmistraro for Liquido Solido Litico

Marea has a painting-like quality translated in a marble slate. The simple but rigorous shapes, alongside the complexity and richness of the Orobic Arabesque Marble, brilliantly create a contemporary interpretation of the natural phenomena of the moon and its influence on the world’s oceans. 

Pattern engraving - Marble project by Elena Salmistraro for Liquido Solido Litico

Raw & Sleek appearance – Corpo by HENRYTIMI

The sink is a great example of using the marble working process as the final aesthetic. The object represents the qualities of the material in an elegant and surprising fashion, showing both the minimal shapes of the stone block and the sink. The corner’s rude subtraction unifies the piece, linking the material, its process, and the final result. The past, present, and future in a glance.

Raw & Sleek appearance - Corpo by HENRYTIMI made of Marble

Multi-surfacing – Kitchen by Antolini

Crossing dimensions, multi-surfacing plays with the properties of the rock. Its shifts in color and texture and left coarse, showing the naturality of the piece. The flexure from surfaces gives a feeling of continuity and connectivity to space while maintaining a sense of verge inside the kitchen.

Multi-surfacing Marble - Kitchen by Antolini - Marmomac

Funky colours – Piece o’ the Pi by Jonathan Zawada

Alluding to the graphic of a pie chart, the coffee table is built from a carefully considered combination of stones, bringing the simple elegance of essential forms together with time-honoured materials, giving a familiar-looking object a twist of imagination.

Marble in Funky colours - Piece o’ the Pi by Jonathan Zawada

Single block bath – Villa B by MASS architects & Il Granito

The monumental character of this piece elevates its essence beyond function. The bathtub becomes a large platform, central to the bathroom space. Sleek and polished surfaces infuse the bath ritual with sophisticated elegance, maximizing its pleasure with sacred vibes.

Marble block bath - Villa B by MASS architects & Il Granito - Marmomac

Symmetric patterns – Project by Vlassak-Verhulst & Il Granito

Symmetric patterns turn the natural and contrast full marbling on itself, creating a fluid symmetry that invites the eye to the details of the cut, as well as, to the innate elegance of the rock. The result is a complex yet, at the same time, a simple display of the beauty of the material. 

Geometric marble pattern

Floating elements – Project by Potier Stone & Genico

An illusion through the physics of perceived lightness. Through the use of simple block shapes, and a dark background contrasting with the pure whiteness of marble, this staircase retains a mystical appearance as it elevates effortlessly. A white lit handle completes the design with a sleek industrial touch.

Marble staircase by Potier Stone & Genico - Marmomac

Sculpture – Aura by Joey Marcella Aura

Aura is a defiance to solidity. The seemingly bent and intertwined lace is the result of a precise and long work on a five hundred kilograms Carrara marble block, culminating in a piece that allows a sense of lightness and flexibility to a heavy and solid sculpture.

Ultra-modern essence – Uber headquarters by Studio O+A

When combined with warm and dark wood in a modern and neat environment, marble acquires a new essence, completing this modern office space with a refined touch, perfectly integrating into the clean look of the interior.

Ultra-modern essence - Uber headquarters by Studio O+A in marble

Mixed flooring – Villa Planchart by Gio Ponti

The use of marbles and stones on a diverse colour palette and with large-scaled shapes creates movement in the interior space granting the floor a crucial role. The extensive colour range of natural stones removes any boundary of expression allowing to finely tune each sort of interior mood sought.

Marble floor in Villa Planchart by Gio Ponti - Marmomac

More projects on the official website of Marmomac.